Art practitioners can boost tourism Makandire Chezhira Chikutu a.k.a ManLuckerz

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

Art practitioners have been urged to collaborate with their international and foreign based counterparts to increase Zimbabwe’s visibility and subsequently cultural tourism.

This comes after the realization that collaborations have been among the major drives for visibility in local arts, with many musician earning international stardom through them.

Swedish based musician cum cultural activist and Ambassador Makandire Chezhira Chikutu a.k.a ManLuckerz said the arts industry has potential to boost tourism.

“I urge arts practitioners to collaborate in hosting cultural activities, both inside and outside Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This is needed to boost our country’s visibility which will help the tourism industry.

“By doing so, we will be contributing to the growth of our economy.”

ManLuckerz said the arts sector has a part to play in developing the nation.

“The cultural industry should be doing much in developing the economy other than be crybabies, always begging for support and opportunities when they have the power to contribute to the economic stability they need,” he said.

ManLuckerz has over the years been driving cultural collaborations through teaching local culture in different European countries including his Swedish base.

This year, funds permitting, he will host Zimbabwe Festival Bira (ZIMFEBI) both at home and in Sweden.

ZIMFEBI is a recurring exchange programme and traditional music festival designed to celebrate and promote cultural development and experience.

It is held in Zimbabwe and Sweden but since 2014, the festival has only been held in Sweden due to financial constraints.

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