Are New Year’s resolutions necessary?


Tawanda Matanhire Lifestyle Writer
A good sailor does not leave the shore without a destination in his mind. If he doesn’t have a place in mind then every direction seems to be the right way. With a direction in mind, he will drive the ship in that direction. In life, we should have a goal or aim. Each day of the year means a day subtracted off the calendar and unfortunately nothing can be done to recover it. Then this means procrastination should be the last of options if one is to achieve any of the set targets for the year.

Many have made several resolutions for the year as a way of getting the year all planned but are these resolutions realistic and after all are they necessary? Some people haven’t really understood what it means to have a resolution. They hear other people talk about them and they just join the chariot without full knowledge of the whole concept.

Resolutions aren’t goals that are so high up in the sky. They are achievable goals that will make the coming year a better year than the previous one. It is a field that one will already have planted seeds on and needs to take care of so as to make sure the ground produces a good harvest. Resolutions can also be what one shouldn’t do in the next year. It helps you evaluate what you did wrong this year and you want to leave it behind and move on.

If we do not have resolutions we end up frustrated because of circling in one place over the years and this will not give you a sense of accomplishment which every individual most likely would want to have. Like one prominent teacher Pastor Chris Oyakilome would say, “You can’t use the same method and expect a different result,” one has to evaluate his earlier ways of doing things and measure them against the success line.

No plan, no resolution, no change means you are in the same place you were a year ago and most probably years back you have been in the same place. To move forward, you need a destination. That destination is your goal, or resolution. Then walk towards that destination, one step at a time. After a few days, you will find that you are a few steps closer to your destination. It will strengthen your enthusiasm and help you take another step towards your goal. Slowly, day by day, you are coming closer to your destination.

Finally, you will reach that destination. You will look back and know for sure that you have been successful. It is wise to look back into your past and so as to find ways to go ahead with your future because you cannot walk into the future without knowing how your past has been successfully. However, one might say resolutions are not really necessary because we may make plans but God has plans for us already. We have very little control of what happens during the course of the year.

Most of the things that I’ve personally planned rarely come to pass when I get to the end of the year and look back but it doesn’t mean I haven’t achieved anything.

Some of the things I’ve accomplished were even more greater than what I would have imagined for the year. An opportunity just strikes towards the end of the year and I see myself elevated to a new dimension. Does this mean I just have to let nature take its course?

Most people have made it a tradition to have resolutions but within the first two weeks of the year it’s all water down the drain. They embark on new endeavours as they come throughout the year. Also focusing on the past failures so as to achieve certain goals can be devastating. If you fail again on the same perpetuated goals the feeling can be more derailing. Instead of focusing on stipulated goals one can make the best of the opportunities that God makes available throughout the year and celebrate all the successful days and if there are shortcomings you can always make up by trying to do good at the end of the year one might just achieve more.

It is however subjective as people are different and work under different circumstances . In this regard so it is wise not to be discouraged on any of your way of doing things but rather embrace the debate and take what suits you best as an individual. Make the best of the year, Happy 2016.

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