Appreciate nature through sculptor: Deve

Appreciate nature through sculptor: Deve Deve and one of his works
Deve and  one of his works

Deve and one of his works

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Art has unnecessarily been linked to the poor though this has not been the case for Chitungwiza Arts Centre-based sculptor, Shepherd Deve. Following years of working for several companies, the sculptor ditched formal employment for the arts. He has since established a gallery with different pieces that depict various social issues.The sculptor appreciates God’s work in creating animals, birds and aqua-life.

“These small animals are very important as they complement each other to make a beautiful ecosystem,” he said.

For Deve, it is important for artists to give a clear picture of what is happening in the world.

“People should have appreciation of human nature through art. As artists, we should give the clear picture through our works,” he said.

Deve said art was one form of employment that should be embraced by the authorities as well as the corporate world.

“We have to support all forms of art as it creates employment as well as putting Zimbabwe’s name on the map,” he added.

His parents inspired him to venture into art.

“My parents taught me to use the talent I have to earn a living. They always encouraged me to work hard in improving my art,” he said.

Born in 1969, Deve worked hard to complete his education before being formally employed.

He ventured into full-time arts in 2008 when he joined the Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

“I went into full-time self-employment as an artist in 2008 when Zimbabwe was in the hyperinflation era.

“Art was a pastime for me since my school days and I had never taken it seriously. But now I have joined the Chitungwiza Arts Centre family so as to develop my talent and harness it for economic benefits to fend for my family,” he said.

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