Appeal for help

Appeal for help

Herald Reporter
A 21-year-old Mutare man whose bone marrow cannot produce enough blood is seeking US$60 000 to buy a drug called antilymphocite globulin from India which helps in the constant production of blood.
The situation is severe that Sylvester Chinyama has to undergo blood transfusion every three weeks. According to his father Mr Samson Chinyama, he was diagnosed with Severe Plastic Anaemia in which his bone marrow cannot produce blood cells, a condition that began in August last year.

“For the last nine months, Sylvester has been dependent on blood transfusion carried out every three weeks, and I have been paying US$700 per week,” said Mr Chinyama.

“I am kindly asking for assistance to help my son get a life saving treatment. I have exhausted everything I have and I cannot let him die.”
Professor Andrew Cakana, a Haematologist who Sylvester consults said his condition required that he gets antilymphocites globulin.

“In about two to three occasions members of staff had to contribute so that Sylvester gets a blood transfusion as the parents have exhausted their resources,” he said.
“The treatment of choice would be to give him antilymphocites globulin for there is no way his bone marrow can ever produce blood cells.”

Those willing to assist can contact Mr Chinyama on 0774 365 148 or 0776 464 102.

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