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Antiques make your home look good

22 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Antiques make your home look good Make use of antique furniture to decorate your house

The Herald

Clodine Manyozo Home and Gardens writer
Antiques can make a good addition to any home although they need modern flavouring to make the home look better.

Some antiques have a sentimental value and their owners would not want to part with them.

However, keeping antiques is not a bad idea but they need to be arranged in in the home an attractive way.

Where one’s house has a dominant colour,  grouping the antique furniture with matching colours can make the home look better.

Keeping antiques at a place where they are easily identified can be of strategic importance. When they are visible they encourage people to notice them and pass appreciative remarks, much to the satisfaction and pride of the home-owner.

Antiques can also be kept for the simple reason that they may be much more durable than other furniture.

If one decides on an antique it can be a good idea to look for something small so that it does not become too dominant in the home. But where one chooses something bigger then it is advisable to  surround it with some modern pieces or maybe decorate it with some accessories that can bring some modern taste to it.

Antiques can add a little style and flavouring to one’s home if one mixes and blends the old with the new.

FOr example, in a sitting room with expensive modern sofas, a big vanished table, and some nice curtains one can then add an antique rug on the floor and this will make for a magnificent look. An antique chandelier can also do as an addition to the ceiling.

Antiques need someone who is a bit creative and who has an eye for decor.

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