Anti-sanctions protesters seek Black Congressmen’s support

25 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Anti-sanctions protesters seek Black Congressmen’s support

The Herald

Precious Manomano Herald Reporter

Activists lobbying for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe have invited Black American congressmen to Zimbabwe to witness the damage brought by the illegal embargo in over two decades of their existence.

The group, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions (BAAS), submitted 65 letters to the US Embassy in Harare to draw the attention of the congressmen to enable them to show solidarity to fellow blacks so that they remove sanctions on Zimbabwe.

In an interview after handing over the letters, BAAS co-founder Ms Sally Ngoni said they wish to have black Americans come to Zimbabwe and witness first hand, the devastation brought about by the illegal sanctions.

Yesterday marked 1 152 days of continuous demonstrations by the BAAS, with the group vowing not to leave the place until the sanctions are removed.

BAAS members have been stationed at the US Embassy since 2019 demanding the unconditional lifting of sanctions that have crippled industry and various sectors of the economy. 

Said Ms Ngoni: “The sanctions imposed by the US are targeting all Zimbabweans and a select few as the Americans claim. 

“The sanctions are affecting ordinary citizens and they should be removed immediately. We are tired of them. 

“Action should be taken so that ordinary citizens are not be affected. The sanctions imposed by the US need to be removed so that we continue to live better lives in our country.”

BAAS chairperson Mr Calvern Chitsunge said they were working to ensure that the US removes the sanctions.

“We have many days staying here to push the removal of sanctions. 

“The problem we are having is that we have citizens who feed other countries with bad information pertaining to Zimbabwe,” he said.

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