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Zim basks in regional anti-sanctions solidarity

AHEAD of the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, President Mnangagwa has paid tribute to resilient Zimbabweans and the region ...

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Animal Quiz Responses

17 Oct, 2020 - 00:10 0 Views

The Herald

Koketse Dube, 10 years, Grade Five, Marian Junior School

Secretary Bird, Hwata, Udwayi
The Secretary Bird is instantly recognisable as a large bird, with a body the size of an eagle.

It has long legs that can give the bird a height of as much as 1,3 metres.

Adult Secretary Birds have featherless red-orange heads with predominantly grey plumage.

It has a flattened dark crest and black flight feathers on the upper legs.


Ngoni Muzangaza, 8 years, Grade Three, Rock Foundation School, Kadoma.

Secretary Bird, Dhuhwai, Udwayi

A Secretary Bird has long legs.

It eats snakes.These birds are found in Africa, south of the Sahara.

They have a wide wing span and long tails.

The Secretary Bird gets its name from the feathers on its head.


Tinotenda Marongwe, 11 years, Grade Five, Rock Foundation Primary School, Kadoma.

Secretary Bird, Hwata, Udwayi

The Secretary Bird is unique.

Sometimes it is as tall as an ostrich.

It is more than a metre tall.

They move in pairs.

They eat snakes, insects and other little animals.


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