Angel up for $300k fraud Prophet Uebert Angel
Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
Spirit Embassy leader Prophet Uebert Angel has been taken to the High Court for allegedly swindling a church member of his top-of-the-range Bentley Continental vehicle worth $300 000.

Businessman Mr Ndabazinengi Shava argued that Prophet Angel duped him into surrendering the vehicle to him on the understanding that he would reap three fold, but nothing happened.

One year down the line, Mr Shava now feels cheated and is now demanding his vehicle back.

Through his lawyers Chinyama and Partners, Mr Shava filed summons at the High Court seeking the immediate release of the black Bentley registration number ACO1759.

He also seeks an order declaring him the legitimate owner of the vehicle.

According to the plaintiff’s declaration, Angel last year convinced Mr Shava to surrender the vehicle as a way of sowing a seed into his life.

He was assured of reaping three times the value of the Bentley, which was worth $300 000.

It was also a condition of the promise that Mr Shava would realise the harvest eight months after delivering the vehicle to the prophet.

Mr Shava, according to the promise, was entitled to taking the vehicle back if he failed to reap the promised harvest within the stipulated period.

“It was a further term of the arrangement between the parties that should the seed fail to germinate, the plaintiff was free to pick up his vehicle and at all material times the vehicle remained the property of the plaintiff,” reads the declaration.

Mr Shava now feels Prophet Angel defrauded him.

“Contrary to the defendant’s promise, a period in excess of one year has since lapsed with the seed not having germinated and the plaintiff has realised that the representations made to him by the defendant were fraudulent misrepresentations aimed at defrauding the plaintiff of his motor vehicle . . .

“At the time of making these misrepresentations to the plaintiff, the defendant was in his sober senses and not under any spirit at all and he knew that what he was promising to the plaintiff was not the truth and will never come to pass,” reads the declaration.

It is Mr Shava’s argument that despite surrendering the vehicle to Prophet Angel, ownership was never changed and claims to be the legitimate owner of the property.

Prophet Angel was still to respond to the summons that were filed at the High Court on Thursday.

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