Andy Muridzo & Marathon Touch Movement must move on

Andy Muridzo &  Marathon Touch Movement must move on Andy Muridzo
Andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo

While the world was still on awe of Jah Prayzah’s dash through the tombstones at a funeral last week, the struggle, and competition at his Military Touch Movement just got sharper. His protégé and chief congregant Andy Muridzo also took a leaf from the lanky “Mudhara Vachauya” singer and was also sent on a dash for dear life at an event in Banket.

And Jah Prayzah had been pelted because of being tardy at three events no less, arriving in his own time. And Andy Muridzo was in trouble for the very same reason. There is a problem in Zimbabwean society where people have always celebrated being “fashionably late” but perhaps the time has come when the fans and patrons have started sending a message, albeit in a wrong and rather violent way, saying that they can take that no more.

While many have stood in the corner of the artistes and demanded respect for them, perhaps it is high time the artistes knew that being late is the height of disrespect for the paying fans and perhaps the mantra ‘customer is king’ took precedence. God, in His infinite power, promised that he would be back again.

And he might own the whole world and everything on it and in it, dead, living, unborn and undead, but even God apologised in advance and let His people know that he would be a bit late, promising that not even his son would know when the day and time would be. Artistes, who own only money, may just as well know that if God can sent advance word of uncertain return, then perhaps they should not see themselves higher than the Supreme being. It would help them avoid the consequences of the wrath of the fans.

The Military Touch Movement would return to being military rather than a Marathon Touch Movement. Just maybe!

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