Andrew Tapela explains trophy boob

13 Dec, 2019 - 00:12 0 Views

The Herald

Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Reporter
THE ZIFA Southern Region Division One League has spoken about the boob which saw them presenting Bulawayo City with a COSAFA Under-17 Trophy after they won the 2019 championship race.

League chairman, Andrew Tapela, said the correct trophy was in Hwange where Talen Vision, who were also in the championship race, were playing.

Hwange won the trophy last year and the league decided that it stay in the colliery.

“We were caught in a tricky situation as both teams were on the verge of getting promoted and we could not take the original trophy from Hwange as Talen Vision were playing Makomo tere,’’ said Tapela.

“For taking the Under-17 trophy, we wanted to add colour to our event.

“The trophy was used as a surrogate and I don’t know where all the noise is coming from as we did not use a karate, judo or any distinct sport’s trophy.

“I think people should be happy that we are good handlers of our cabinet as many would have forgotten or don’t know that in 1990 we were Under-17 COSAFA champions.’’

Tapela, whose league’s race was marred by controversy as Talen Vision threatened to boycott their last match, said had they taken the trophy away from Hwange it was going to be another big issue.

“We played our cards well as everyone knows that there was tension with Talen Vision threatening to boycott the final match and if we could not parade the trophy at their match venue what could have happened?

“They had the chance for promotion and if we did not do justice to them they would say we were favouring Bulawayo City.

“I think it is better for people to focus on football development rather than on trivial issues.

“At the moment, for once, we have managed to find sponsorship for Champion of Champion tournament which will feature all promoted teams but it is being overlooked,” said Tapela

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