Amapiano-Zimdancehall fest set for UK Styllyz

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Turkish-based Zimbabwean fashion and events management guru and promoter Prince Farai Mudzingwa, affectionately known as Styllz, is ready to host the Amapiano-Zimdancehall festival this weekend in the United Kingdom.

The event, which is held to promote the two genres, cultures and artistes from South Africa and Zimbabwe, will see musicians such as Jah Master, Poptain, Nox, Tocky Vibes representing Zimbabwe on stage, while South Africa brings up Pabi Cooper, Boohle and Busta929, among others.

Styllyz, who is travelling to UK today ahead of the show which will see comedienne Madam Boss also sharing the stage with him, said in an interview that he was bringing “Turkish delight” to the show.

“I am excited as this is my first time in United Kingdom,” he said. “I am going to be bringing my A-game – the Turkish delight experience and it is also a good thing sharing the stage with Madam Boss.

“I am leaving Turkey today (yesterday) and revellers at the show should also expect some fashion statement as my brand is also known for that.”

Styllyz, who earned the moniker “Mayor of Instabul” owing to his amazing exploits when it comes to hospitality, said music and fashion were intertwined.

“I grew up in Harare,” he said. “I went to Cyprus in 2014 to study law at Near East University. I later moved to Turkey and because of my good relationship with people and bringing people together through entertainment, they gave me the name Mayor of Istanbul.

“I have met a couple of celebrities, but Ruger is my favourite celebrity,” Styllyz once said in an interview last year.

Styllz encouraged other influencers and hosts that promote other people’s events to maximise on earnings.

“Yes, I do charge for appearances, it’s simple, and my colleagues in the field should not be exploited, but do likewise,” he said. “The organisers got in touch with me and we got a good deal pertaining to the show,” he said. “I am not only going to host the event, but will use the opportunity to invest in arts among Zimbabwean artistes based in the UK and map the way forward on how we can also meet the international standards.

“I am happy that all these can be achieved because of my expertise. The promoter who has a huge following on social media said his dream is to become one of the biggest African promoters and also a successful businessman.

“Zimbabwe is full of talented people, but the disadvantage is that they lack opportunities and exposure from other countries. We need to create space for our artistes who are putting the country on the map. They should also be supported with resources, that’s how they grow.

“I want to be the best promoter in Africa not in terms of work, but in terms of making sure our identity as Zimbabweans is recognised globally.”

Asked if he had plans for a show in Zimbabwe, Styllz said it was in the pipeline.

“Currently, I am booked for various shows, either it hosting or making an appearance at an event, but through my management we are planning a tour in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“I have a meeting in the United States with some top Hollywood celebrities in June, but due to contract conditions I can’t share much details. I only say the year so far is good and I owe it to God and my mother.”

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