Always think outside the box


Charles Mungoshi Jr Versatile Fufu
In all your life, have you ever thought outside the box? Or what you have been taught to do by those who came before you has been the order of your life. They say there is nothing new under the sun and truly there isn’t anything new but there are things that are not known to certain generations.

I think I had always been on the good and normal side of things until one day I thought to myself – if I do something differently what would happen?

Then I realised that there was no problem – people just have a religious mentality in approaching their day to day lives that’s why it may be difficult but as time goes on and you keep at whatever you are doing differently people may later on accept it.

Don’t let life pass you by because you think no one will accept your innovation because it is different no – yes, there is the general human attitude that resists and rejects innovation and change.

That is one thing you cannot avoid but you must learn to embrace it and work around it, remember contrary winds drive the roots deeper.

My best friend taught me how to eat pizza with ice cream, at first when she mentioned it I thought it was crazy but when I had a taste of it, I spoke a different story.

TRY SOMETHING NEW, branch out of your comfort zone and the ordinary – it may be in your business, in your relationship or your life style.

Don’t be bound by strong holds of where you come from or how you where raised up.

There are people who have boring lives because they are in shackles of routines.

They wake up bath, dress and drive to work and then home right after work – what a plain bore!

Take a detour and go watch a movie by East gate, join the toastmasters or go to the gym – come on change the routine.

You age quickly if you are not wise enough to colour your life with socialising activities that bring about exercise.

This helps your intellect or even your physical abilities – you begin to get enlightened about things around you and the dormant mind quickly gets in tune.

There is no life that is lived in a tube so be outside and get them to know you but you need to stick to your identity.

Don’t get too carried away by the activities and forget who you are.

And also stick to your mainstream business because you will definitely enjoy the change but you need to have discipline.

A lot of people lose their way because they fail to align themselves to the little change that they would have introduced into their daily lives.

Learn new things everyday and don’t let your life be monotonous!

Yes you can do it!

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