Allan Chimbetu arrested

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Allan Chimbetu arrested

The Herald

Friday arrested for defaulting in paying maintenance to his estranged wife Mildred Mapuranga (28).The “Sonny” hitmaker was issued with a warrant of arrest inSeptember by a magistrate here.

The long arm of the law caught up with Allan in Gokwe soon after his performance at the Unity Gala in Gokwe.

Police sources said Allan was arrested in Kadoma for failing to pay monthly US$60 maintenance for 10 months to his estranged wife who lives in Rimuka.

“He spent the weekend in custody and was released after he paid the outstanding maintenance on Monday afternoon,” the source said.

Allan and Mapuranga’s relationship dates back to 2001 and the couple has a daughter Amanda (11).
Last year Allan appeared at the Kadoma Magistrates’ Court and pledged to pay US$60 monthly for the upkeep of Amanda.

According to sources, Allan lived to his promise, but stopped following allegations that Mildred married another man and had a child.

Mapuranga said she was bitter with the way Allan was treating her and only wanted him to look after hisdaughter.

“I am not after Allan’s cash or trying to destroy his family. He lied to me that he was single when proposing love to me.

“I fell in love with him and he pleaded with me that he wanted a baby and when I fell pregnant he told me that his intention was to marry me, but he later changed,” she said.

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