All set for President, traditional leaders indaba

Minister Moyo

Minister Moyo

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief
All is set for the meeting between President Mnangagwa and the country’s traditional leaders, which will be held in Gweru today, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo has said.

The meeting is part of a programme to solicit views of different communities and interest groups.

President Mnangagwa will also brief them on his administration’s vision and expectations.

In an interview yesterday, Minister Moyo said the Zanu-PF Convention Centre along Mvuma Road, popularly known as The Winery, was ready to host the President and the traditional leaders.

Drafting of the programme has also been completed.

“Yes, we are ready in terms of preparations to meet the President with the traditional chiefs. I am at the venue and everything is in place. The programme is also complete. Some traditional leaders have booked into hotels and lodges for accommodation, while others are still on their way,” he said.

Accreditation of the traditional leaders and delegates attending the special meeting is already underway.

Minister Moyo said President Mnangagwa will also be distributing the first batch of vehicles to the chiefs.

“This is the first batch of vehicles for our traditional leaders. Some will receive their vehicles while we wait for the next batch of vehicles for the other chiefs. Soon, every chief in the country would receive his or her vehicle,” said Minister Moyo.

This will be President Mnangagwa’s first meeting with traditional leaders since coming into power in November last year.

Presidential spokesman Mr George Charamba said in a recent statement the meeting will enable the President to brief chiefs on his vision and acquaint himself with different players and interests in the country.

“As part of the ongoing programme to connect and acquaint himself with the thinking of different echelons, interests and players of our nation, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is scheduled to hold a day-long indaba with the country’s 282 chiefs in Gweru on January 13, 2018,” Mr Charamba said.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Traditional chiefs are a drain on the fiscas. What do we expect from the likes of Fortune Charumbira apart from bootlicking and grovelling? Nothing.

  • simbarashe

    chiefs are the custodians of our tradition and values. Varemekedzei vanhu ava. vakakosha chose.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    Hospitals have no ambulances, police have no operational vehicles, doctors who save life have no vehicles to drive to work but we have vehicles to give to the traditional leaders, really? Where are the country’s priorities in terms of service to the community? What benefit will this be to the people when traditional leaders are seen driving new vehicles? Campaign strategy! Campaign strategy with Chief Saunyama of Nyanga saying his people will vote for ZANU. Eeeish I am not convinced the president has the people at heart but he just wants to fortify his position. Your wife has been to hospitals where it is clearly identified hospitals are suffering but we waste money to buy these vehicles which do not serve the community but personal individuals.
    Mr President, please listen to cries of the suffering people and not have the ego of self protectionism. This is how RGM behaved and we can now start to see the same traits in you.
    You have your ministers weeks to come up with working plans, have we seen anything tangible? The answer is no. So where are we heading now? The answer is nowhere but the same old tricks still prevail. God bless this nation.

  • Awayfornow

    Imported cars or local cars ?

    I thought we had a budget deficit and a severe forex shortage.