All set for Ebenezer Part 2 launch


Sophia Chese – Arts Correspondent

All is in place for the launch of Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro’s album “Mhepo Inoperekedza, Ebenezer Part 2” which is set for tonight at the Anglican Church in the capital.“Mhepo Inoperekedza Ebenezer Part 2” is Rev Chivaviro’s 10th album and his debut release was done in 1999. In an interview Rev Chivaviro said the new album comprises songs that he composed only – there are no hymns on the album.

“From my previous album I used to sing hymns mainly from the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe hymn book and ‘Ebenezer’ is one song that I took time to compose and I discovered that people enjoy these songs, the original ones that we take time to write hence I decided to come up with ‘Mhepo Inoperekedza,’ Ebenezer Part 2,” he said.

He also highlighted that they will be launching two albums tonight, with the other one a hymn album being a bonus.

“I have also decided to cater for everyone since we had our hymn fans, we decided to come up with a bonus album comprising of only hymns so that all our fans those who want original stuff and those who enjoy the hymns are catered for,” he said.

He hogged the limelight with his song “Ebenezer” last year which topped the charts and became a household tune. The song paved way for the meteoric rise to stardom for Chivaviro.

Prominent musicians including Charles Charamba, Noel Zembe, Lawrence Haisa, Mechanic Manyeruke, Kudzi Nyakudya, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe, Bethen Pasinawako-Ngolomi and Chivaviro’s wife took part on the hit track and Chivaviro is set to honour these musicians for their role on the song.

“I have something for my Ebenezer team, just a token of appreciation for each of them from those who did vocals, instrumentalists and the producer because they are the people who made me to be who I am today,” he said.

The South African-based musician is the founder of Assemblies of Pentecostal Methodists.

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