Air Namibia staff return to work Elia Erastus

WINDHOEK. — AIR Namibia’s acting chief executive officer Elia Erastus has announced that all staff from the head office in Windhoek will resume work tomorrow as they have all been cleared of Covid-19.

Last week the company declared the office a no-go zone after an investigation confirmed that one of their staff members visited the Namibian Airports Company (NAC) head office on June 15.

NAC’s head office is still under lockdown, because one of its employees resides at 77 on Independence Avenue, reported as one of the places visited by Covid-19 case number 33.

“Air Namibia is pleased to inform the public that voluntary Covid-19 testing was conducted on the alleged case(s) on Sunday, June 21, 2020 and all results came out negative,” said Erastus.

He explained that the airline’s head office building has been disinfected on Sunday, June 21 and has since lifted the restrictions.

Meanwhile, NAC chief executive officer Bisey Uirab said in an interview with The Namibian that his staff members will continue to work from home until the 14 days of self isolation days are over.

“The critical staff is coming to the office but in small numbers. The rest of the employees are working from home,” said Uirab. — The Namibian.

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