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Air Force of Zimbabwe charity gala lives up to its billing

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
It was a fun-filled day at Borrowdale Racecourse as the Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) held the Charity Horse Race and Air Day.

Children and the elderly alike were treated to different drills by AFZ, horse races while getting an opportunity to pose for pictures with different artillery and in the helicopter.

Thousands who thronged the venue had a great time.

It was, however, music that stole the show, with Killer T, Sulumani Chimbetu, Fungisayi Zvakavapano-Mashavave and Freeman sharing the stage.

Storming the stage clad in a red track-jacket and white jeans, Killer T introduced himself with “Kudanana Kunzwanana”, receiving a thunderous sing-along.

Belting songs such as “Kufamba KwaPaurosi”, “Handikumbuke”, “Bvunza Tinzwe”, “Ndizviponde Here”, “Ndamuda” and “Waidongorera”, the artistes managed to thrill the audience.

It was, however, “Rudo Ibofu” which stole many hearts, with the audience singing half the song upon the introduction of instrumentals.

Instead of giving a memorable stage performance well curated and choreographed, Killer T let the popularity of his songs do all the work for him.

He only introduced most of the songs and let the crowd do the rest for him, and like loyal fans they did not demand more from the artiste, just his presence on stage was enough.

This is the same lack of creativity that backfired for him later that evening as he performed at the televised Miss World Zimbabwe beauty pageant in Orchid Gardens in Domboshava.

A different audience mostly comprised of accomplished business people and company executives, waited for Killer T to actually work for his money, which he failed to do in the absence of blind followers willing to sing for him.

Local artistes have for years been shortchanging fans, lacking creativity on stage though great in the studio. Killer T’s performance is one of many instances were artistes especially in dancehall and hip-hop are failing to give a memorable performance, relying solely on the popularity of their songs to earn then cheers at live shows.

It is high time they take a page from Winky D’s well-crafted act that rarely fails to impress even when going up against world certified great performers.

Back to the AFZ event.

Other performers of the day were good as they exhibited good choreography on stage.

Sulumani, a former AFZ member, was on cloud nine. He was outstanding as he sang his father’s tracks and his own compositions.

He made a mark with good choreography that saw his members showcasing well-coordinated dance styles.

It was a day to remember as various activities and music blended well to enhance fun.