AFZ dismisses recruitment hoax


Ropafadzo Ndangariro Herald Reporter
The Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) has dismissed an advert circulating on social media purporting that it will be conducting a massive recruitment drive from January 13 to January 16 this year.

In a statement released yesterday, (AFZ) public relations officer Mr Special Matarirano said the social media advert was not only misleading, but malicious as well.

“The AFZ notes with great concern a wave of misinformation circulating on social media purporting that there will be a massive recruitment from 13-16 January 2018,” said Mr Matarirano.

“The AFZ would want to categorically put it clear that the information is false and never was originated from the organisation.

“Furthermore, the AFZ does not convey official messages through social media and undesignated platforms,” he said.

“Any advert on AFZ recruitment will be disseminated and broadcast through mainstream media, such as newspapers like The Herald, The Sunday Mail and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).”

He urged the public to disregard information that is published, disseminated and propagated through unofficial social media sites or to immediately verify the authenticity of such information from the AFZ public relations department or recruitment office.

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