AFZ commander commends prevailing peace Commander AFZ Air Marshal Elson Moyo

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

The existence of a peaceful environment in the country is an important factor towards the attainment of President Mnangagwa’s vision of Zimbabwe becoming a middle-income country by 2030, commander Air Force of Zimbabwe Air Marshal Elson Moyo said yesterday.

Speaking at the end of the AFZ shooting competition at Cleveland Rifle Range yesterday, Air Marshal Moyo said the security sector had an obligation to ensure a peaceful environment before, during and after the elections on August 23.

Participants in the competition were drawn from the country’s security services and members of the public.

It was held under the theme: Towards Vision 2030: Dedicated to sharpening skills at arms in defence of national sovereignty, stability and socio-economic growth.”

“The Government under the leadership of His Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, has set the goal for Zimbabwe to attain an upper middle-income status by the year 2030,” said Air Marshal Moyo.

“In pursuit of this vision, it is significant to point out that the bedrock for such a development is a peaceful environment. As a result, the challenge that is before the AFZ personnel and those from the security services is to remain ready and capable to perform their mandated duties.”

Air Marshall Moyo said the shooting competition was not only aimed at sharpening skills attained at training, but also a sporting competition where participants competed in a friendly environment.

A major lesson from the shooting competition was that there was need for discipline in the use of arms, he said.

“These weapons that we use in defending our sovereignty and to create a peaceful environment, can cause strife and mayhem when in the hands of undisciplined users.

“I, therefore, challenge you all to jealously guard the weapons issued to you in the performance of your duties and to ensure that all those that are not authorised to have weapons are brought to book.”

Air Marshal Moyo urged members of the ZDF not to abuse drugs and alcohol, saying those found contravening provisions of the Defence Act relating to “Offences in relation to drunkenness and disorderly behaviour” would be fired.

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