African online library on law and governance launched

African online library on law and governance launched

African library 2ADDIS ABABA – With Africa’s economic growth rising more than any other part of the world to 5.6 percent in 2013, the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) has announced the launch of the African Online Library on Law and Governance (the African Law Library), an online database that digitises and aims to improve access to modern and customary law texts, and to other legal documents and secondary sources on African law and governance. Organized by the African Innovation Foundation and Foundation, the event was hosted by the African Union Commission, today on Thursday 28 November 2013.

The African Law Library, implemented by, aims to be the leading online portal for African law and governance and is available free of charge. The library focuses on visibility, access, knowledge, education and the consolidation of the systems of law existing in African countries.

Opening the event, Mr. Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission said “African Online library on Law and Governance” as the inauguration of the library is one that is very close to the AU’s mandate, which aims to “an integrated, peaceful, prosperous Africa, driven by its own people to take its rightful place in the global community and the knowledge economy”.

Mr. Mwencha also highlighted the role of education as a critical sector whose performance directly affects and even determines the quality and magnitude of Africa’s development. (The complete speech is available on ).

“The AIF believes in the vision of an Africa without war, famine or poverty, which will allow its countries to stand on an equal footing with others in the global economy. The African Law Library will contribute to this effort by promoting good governance practices, while building a bridge between modern law and customary law to overcome colonial law,” said Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, AIF founder and initiator of the African Law Library.

The library was initiated in 2012 and will bring lawyers, the business sector, educators and government together to develop ownership in Africa through multidisciplinary research and interaction on comparative law. The online database can be found at:

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