AfDB President Adesina  speaks on Africa’s future Dr Adesina

The 2023 African Investment Forum (AIF) Market Days in Marrakech, Morocco, recently concluded with resounding success, as the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, announced that the boardrooms during the three-day event secured an impressive US$34,82 billion in investment interest, surpassing the $31 billion achieved in the previous year.

The event, themed “Unlocking Africa’s Value Chains,” brought together heads of state, decision-makers, multinationals, and investors.

Dr Adesina underscored the significance of the AIF Market Days as a dynamic, multi-stakeholder platform, stating, “The AIF Market Days provide a crucial space for continental dealmaking, fostering connections between project sponsors, policymakers, and investors.”

“We successfully secured US$34,82 billion dollars of investment interests! What an incredible achievement, all in just 72 hours! These investments will deliver transformative impacts on the lives of people. That is the bottom line of the Africa Investment Forum: investing to improve lives,” Adesina said.

Business Insider Africa had the opportunity to engaged Dr Adesina about the various facets of the forum. 

Dr Adesina expounded on the significance of the forum, stating, “The faith and confidence are rising, and we, at the financial position, are doing our best to put Africa at the top of the food chain.’’

He emphasised the importance of this shift in perspective, noting the forum’s theme, “Unlocking Africa’s Value Chains,” and the collective effort to position Africa as a major player in global markets.

The conversation seamlessly transitioned to the broader theme of connectivity and economic cooperation within Africa, particularly in the context of visa policies. Dr. Adesina commended leaders such as the President of Kenya, Williams Ruto, and the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, for their forward-thinking approach, stating, “I applaud the President of Kenya for his decision. That’s great leadership. Open, inclusive, participative leadership in Africa.”

Proposing a vision of a borderless Africa, he emphasised the importance of self-confidence and valuing African identity. “We should have confidence in ourselves as Africans and value ourselves as Africans. We are first Africans,” he asserted.

Shifting gears to address a pressing concern, the interview explored the issue of African youths immigrating to Europe. Dr Adesina voiced his deep concern, asserting, “It’s not acceptable that young Africans are treated like that. We must put our capital behind the youths of Africa; otherwise, our future is at risk.”

He advocated for strategic interventions, emphasising the need for dedicated institutions and financial mechanisms to empower the continent’s youth.

The AfDB President expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants who played integral roles in making the 2023 AIF Market Days a resounding success. 

With genuine appreciation, he extended thanks to the heads of state and government, ministers, and government leaders for their unwavering commitment.

Dr Adesina also acknowledged the contributions of investors, business developers, and all present, recognising the collective effort that contributed to the forum’s success. He said this acknowledgement underscored the collaborative spirit and shared dedication to advancing Africa’s economic prosperity and unlocking its full potential. — Business Insider Africa

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