Additional 115 buses arrive Some of the 115 buses imported by the Government awaiting clearance into Zimbabwe from South Africa

Herald Correspondent

A total of 115 more buses arrived in Harare yesterday as the Government pressed ahead with plans to address transport challenges nationwide by capacitating Zupco.

The contingent of Golden Dragon buses was imported from China by the Government .The buses were shipped through the Durban in South Africa.

The buses, which are expected to be commissioned this week, will aid in providing efficient and effective transport to travellers  going to different destinations across the country.

Some of the buses will be assigned to the Public Service Commission (PSC) to prioritise the welfare of civil servants.

Zupco acting chief executive, Mr Evaristo Mudangwa, yesterday said the buses were in the city and they will be parked at the depot pending commissioning by President Mnangagwa.

“The buses are now in Harare and we are expecting them at the depot any time from now. The buses will be parked at the depot until they are commissioned and distributed,” Mr Mudangwa said.

The Government last year imported a total of 349 buses assigned to the Zupco franchise as the Government moves to fix the public transport.

The total of 369 buses imported last year exclude buses that were assigned to the Public Service Commission.

Zupco is using its share in all the 10 provinces, both for local shuttle services and intercity travel.

A major part of the Zupco fleet remains the private bus owners who have accepted Zupco franchise arrangements and besides building up the bus fleet, the passenger company has introduced peak hour rail passenger services in Harare, Gweru and Bulawayo.

Law enforcement agents have been in running battles with mushikashika, illegal transporters and unregistered vehicles who are carrying travellers at undesignated points creating chaos and unnecessary traffic jams.

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