Actress Heschelle explores musical talent

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Actress Heschelle explores musical talent Natasha “Tash” Heschelle

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Zimbabwean-born actress, writer and producer Natasha “Tash” Heschelle says she has been too experimental to express her artistic world, leading to the discovery of her other musical talent. 

The multi-talented Heschelle rediscovered herself and explored her other artistic side as a musician when she released her second single, “Without Your Love”, last year during the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

She is back in the limelight with her recently released debut three-track Extended Play (EP) titled “Imagine”. 

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Heschelle, who is based in Canada, said she was pleased to release the EP as she continued to explore her artistry.

“Although I would not be concentrating much on music as my focus is on my acting career, songs from my debut EP (Imagine) will be used as sound tracks in my forthcoming film scheduled for premiere before year end if everything goes according to script.

“I am happy that my debut EP that has songs title track ‘Imagine’, ‘Let You Go’ and ‘Without Your Love’ has received some good reviews. The EP is available on digital music stores. The video is available on VEVO.”

Heschelle said her forthcoming film is a tragic love story about a girl who sacrifices her life to save the man she loves.

“I don’t want to get into too much detail of the forthcoming film because of spoilers.

 “But I am hoping to finish filming by the end of this year if Covid -19does not ruin our schedule.” 

Heschele was born and raised in Zimbabwe before she moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue her acting career.

From a very young age, she showed great enthusiasm and talent for the arts, getting involved in dance, modelling, music and acting that has seen her growing in the artistic industry to make it in a foreign land.

Heschelle said her life story had been that of determination and sacrifice as it was not that easy at first to settle in Canada. “It was challenging at first because I had no idea where to begin, not only as an artiste, but building a new life in general in a foreign land, making new friends, getting my first job, trying to make it as an artiste, adjusting to this new place,” she said.

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