Acting role doesn’t define him

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Acting role doesn’t define him Takura Murapa

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
For any ambitious actor, landing a role in an established popular soap like “Wenera” is an achievement. Takura Murapa who plays “traitor”, Bongani Musodza — step brother to T1, Chichi and Tanya in “Wenera”, said the role doesn’t define him.
He said his role in “Wenera” is just the beginning of his growth to become one of the biggest actors in the country.

Surprisingly, Murapa also landed another leading role in a new movie “Thandie’s Diary” by Edmore Ndlovu where he plays Phillip, the bad and abusive husband of Thandie (Tariro Chitapi).

In an interview, Murapa said playing the roles every day helps him leverage his personal life.
Contrary to the roles he plays, Murapa said he is totally a different character at home.
“What you see on television is totally different from my persona.

“I enjoy playing such roles to the extent that they also help me to deal with my own personal problems,” he said.
He added that at first it was difficult to play both roles as Bongani and Phillip, but now he is now comfortable with the dual roles.

“Bongani is a lively person who is full of life.
He is an antagonist and a traitor.
“I used to find it hard playing such a role as this is so unlike me.

“Sometimes, I would lie to the director that I wasn’t too well or come late on set because I was scared. Later on, I got into the character and believe you me it was much comforting,” he said.
Murapa said the struggle is real for aspiring actors to break into mainstream television.

He, however, has had it easy, thanks to his connections.
“I remember auditioning for the first time on ‘Zambezi movie’, then went to ‘The Watchmen’ by Nick Zemura and this is where I met my current producer director Edmore Ndlovu.

“I have done several projects with various directors which include ‘My First Boyfriend’, ‘Mutapa’, ‘Thandie’s Diary’ and ‘Wenera’ among others,” he said.

He said it is his wish this year to feature in five films as a leading actor.
“I can say 2018 is my year, as I have been called on several projects.

I am looking forward to work with Zolile Makeleni and Joe Njagu on their latest movies before the end of the year.
“I am taking my time and choosing my next role very carefully,” he said.
Murapa believes his acting is a ‘calling’ despite the setbacks of the industry.

“I started acting at the age of three years old at nursery school.
“I attended Louis Mountbatten primary school where I was in drama club. I then stopped acting in high school (Seke 3 High) because I was shy.

“I would admire Willard Mugombedze (Slimaz) doing dramas and would envy him at high school.I then went to college where I then took acting seriously.

“There were moments where I wanted to give up, where I thought this wasn’t for me and the corporate world would let me down, but I just kept pushing because this was my passion,” he said.
Apart from acting, he is also a freelancer model.

“I was once signed with Model Management but it has closed.Now I am a freelancer model. I do photo shoots for boutiques and appears on some commercial adverts,” he said.

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