Accounting giant Forvis  Mazars starts Zim operations As a two-firm network, Forvis Mazars is unique in the market as it provides the agility, capacity and coverage to support clients

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Global accounting and advisory giant Forvis Mazars has officially launched its Zimbabwean operations, signalling confidence in the country’s economic prospects.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, Mr Lovemore Kamuzangaza, Forvis Mazars Zimbabwe’s managing partner, described the decision to enter the Zimbabwean market as a testament to the country’s economic potential.

Two leading global professional services firms, Mazars, an international partnership operating in over 100 countries and territories, and Forvis, a top-ranked firm in the United States, amalgamated to give birth to a new US$5 billion global accounting business network.

Forvis Mazars, a top 10 global network, is the largest new entrant into the global rankings in decades.

As a two-firm network, it is unique in the market and provides the agility, capacity and coverage to support clients.

“Forvis Mazars brings a wealth of experience and a vast network spanning over 100 countries,” said Mr Kamuzangaza.

“We will leverage this expertise and resources to empower local businesses and foster their growth.

 “We are excited to introduce seamless coordination to the Zimbabwean market.

“We have assembled a great team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, and they are ready to deliver exceptional service to our clients,” Mr Kamuzangaza added.

He said they were bringing the agility and dynamism that defines Forvis Mazars’ culture to Zimbabwe.

The approach would allow the company to be responsive and adaptable, ensuring “we can effectively address our clients’ evolving requirements in this dynamic market.”

“We are confident that by combining our global expertise with a deep understanding of the local landscape, we can become a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes in Zimbabwe,” said Mr Kamuzangaza.  

Speaking during the same event, the president of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) Ms Manyara Chingunduru said the entry of Forvis Mazars into Zimbabwe marked a significant milestone.

“It signals not only the growth and potential of our market but also the increasing recognition of Zimbabwe as a key player on the global stage. Forvis Mazars brings with it a wealth of international experience, cutting-edge methodologies, and a commitment to excellence that aligns perfectly with the values we uphold at ICAZ.

“We are excited about the opportunities this global entry presents. Forvis Mazars’ presence in Zimbabwe will undoubtedly enhance the quality and scope of services available to our businesses.

“It will provide local firms with access to global networks, expertise, and innovative practices. This partnership opens doors for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the development of new skills among our professionals.” 

Ms Chingunduru said the entry of Forvis Mazars would also position Zimbabwe as a competitive destination for global business, enabling it to showcase its ability to meet international standards.

Forvis Mazars’s entry into the market is timely, as it can contribute to these efforts by providing high-quality auditing and advisory services that build investor confidence and support the country’s development goals, she said.

“Another critical aspect is the growing emphasis on corporate governance and ethical business practices in Zimbabwe. As the business landscape becomes more complex and competitive, there is an increasing demand for auditors who can provide assurance on corporate conduct, risk management, and compliance with international standards,” said Ms Chingunduru.

Forvis Mazars, known for its commitment to integrity and excellence, would play a crucial role in meeting this demand, thereby enhancing the credibility and reputation of Zimbabwean businesses, she added.

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