Accept reality, move on


Charles Mungoshi Jnr Versatile Fufu
Things you don’t know mostly bring fear in your life and are the blockages towards progression. Have you ever gone out at night with your friends and you overspend to the point of fearing to check your wallet in the morning?

It’s a sad reality because it happens to a lot of people, they refuse to acknowledge what they mentally know with the physical appearance of things — you are aware of the fact that you overspent but you fear to know of the exact amount left on you.

You won’t make it far if you fear to confirm what you already know — because your mind will be held at ransom by a budget debate that has no positive outcome. The best thing is to be bold enough and work out a plan.

You know that you need to know what you are avoiding to know when it is the gateway to greater dimensions. Don’t debate with unchangeable situations you will only be robbed off of your time. There is no way you will relive January 28 2016 — it is utterly impossible.

So stop trying to cuff the past dragging it into the future by saying I should have bought this or I should have done it like this — that will only spoil the day.

You need to know that thing you are avoiding to acknowledge is already a given fact — for example in your relationship you know she has moved on — but there you are, trying to convince your heart that you still need her and she is still coming back. No things don’t work like that. Life is governed by time which is not given always.

Treat your time with respect and use it wisely. Think of the 24 hours of the day as Chess pieces — calculate your moves in line with the pieces you have — position them well and you will win.

Opportunities are time bound and they shift or depreciate value because of the change in time. It is like trying to sell a Nokia 3310 handset this year. The Get to know what you need to know — confirm and acknowledge what you already know and move forward!

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