Accept, acknowledge other people’s success


Charles Munhoshi Jnr Versatile Fufu
That surely is a sign of maturity in understanding success. You will have a hard time rising to levels you speak against if you refuse to accept them in others.

People are comfortable when everyone is broke like them — the moment you are raised in a poor environment and manage to grow to greater dimensions the society will tag it to “juju” or looting.

It is easy for the community not to agree to one’s greatness than to celebrate one’s success.

This is the attitude that continuously pulls down achievers in our culture.

When you go all out to be great in a certain field in life people don’t say much until they see the results of your hard work — when you are now driving the latest cars that’s when they will start opening their mouths declaring you to be corrupt.

Money amplifies character — so I guess when the pay cheque for your hard working heart comes, your suppressed thoughts become freely expressed and it becomes the purpose of people’s hatred towards you.

Even Ecclesiastes 10:19 says money answereth all things — so people stand out when value is bestowed on their heads for hard work.

This is the reason why those who are less privileged condemn those that have because they find solace in pulling down those who are great achievers.

If you want to rise and be great — don’t talk down those who are rich and wealthy when you wish the same upon your life.

There is no way you will see greater dimensions if you can’t accept and acknowledge those who are already there.

Deliver your mind from the cultural way of growing bitter toward successful individuals.

Learn more about how they got to where they are and adopt useful traits in line with your pursuit.

Don’t be quick to dismiss someone who is wealthy just because you are not aware of their success story.

Free your observation from the standpoint of negativity and be positive about the way you assess the wealth accumulated by others either your age, younger or older.

Such an attitude accommodates growth and personal success — your mind is like a workshop, take advantage of it and build the future you want and desire.

You have to know that you are a success and you are getting there — no one can ever take that from you!

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