Acapella group in anti-litter campaign

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Acapella group in anti-litter campaign Chitungwiza-based gospel music group The Well

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Chitungwiza-based gospel music group The Well

Chitungwiza-based gospel music group The Well

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Chitungwiza-based Acapella gospel music group “The Well” has joined the anti-litter campaign through a single titled “Zimbabwe” that seeks to educate and encourage the masses to keep the country clean.

The single was launched at a concert held in Zengeza on Saturday evening where scores of Christians and music lovers converged.

The song, which is a fusion of both Shona and Ndebele lyrics, urges every citizen to take the responsibility of keeping the environment clean for the good of the nation.

Two other acapella groups, “Reunion” and “Amour” supported the host group with music.

Speaking during the launch of the single, The Well spokesperson Darlington Njoromora said the song was a form of evangelism to the nation.

“As a church, we are involved in community service work and we take it from Christ himself.

“Christ would feel happy to be part of the people and used to find out the needs of the people before coming up with solutions.

“We have realised that our health as a nation is at risk and music, being a powerful tool of evangelism, will go a long way in educating and advocating for cleanliness.

“While in community service work, it becomes easier to draw people to Christ,” he said.

Environment Management Agency (EMA) environmental officer Mr Ronie Muparangi, who represented his director general at the function, urged the people to desist from throwing litter everywhere.

“We are disturbed by the amount of litter in the country. Everywhere we find heaps of garbage with flies all over.

Mr Muparangi urged people to adopt the compost system and other recycling measures to reduce the amount of waste in Zimbabwe.

“Annually, we produce 1, 6 million tonnes of litter in Zimbabwe. That is too much considering that some litter like plastics can be recycled to produce other valuable plastic ware.

“That creates employment for our nation. Perishables can be put in composts to produce rich manure that can be used in our gardens and fields for agriculture,” said Mr Muparangi.

The Well was launched in 2000 and the group has since recorded four albums — “He Will Never Forsake You” (2001), “Send a Revival” (2013), “Huya Kuna Jesu” (2014) and “Jesus the Way” (2016).

They are finalising the fifth album to be released soon.

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