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A Warrior’s warning

20 Mar, 2014 - 00:03 0 Views
A Warrior’s warning

The Herald

GUSPYJonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
Musician Guspy Warrior has fired warning shots saying those who thought Zimbabwean Dancehall was at its highest peak should wait until he drops his sixth release titled “Wedzera Mawattz”.
Speaking ahead of the launch of the album this Saturday at the Harare Gardens, Guspy Warrior, whose real name is Emmanuel Manyeruke, said big things were happening in Zimbabwean dancehall.

“What you are about to witness is something big.

“Expect nothing short of fireworks on the album. Featured artistes include my father (Mechanic Manyeruke), Jah Prayzah and Musengezi  High (school choir), which is my former school. The thing is Jah Prayzah is not a dancehall artiste but he is into a different genre which I can always go back to at a later stage of my career,” he said.

Although he didn’t say which song he features the veteran gospel star Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Guspy Warrior, who turns 24 today, said he did a rendition of one of his father’s songs.

There is going to be a live recording at the launch and fans who will attend the show will get free copies of the album on entry. A DVD album is due for release around June.
However, he described the album as a social commentary.

“It’s a whole package with love and  party, but it’s got something for the mature which is reggae vibes, the youths which is hardcore dancehall and then lovers rock reggae,” he said, adding that the album was “clean”.

Jah Prayzah, who of late has been featuring on almost every new album, features on the song “Love Yako” and Musengezi High Choir on “Vana Inhaka”. Asked where he places himself in Zim-Dancehall as it is commonly known, Guspy Warrior said he was among the best.

“I don’t rate artistes because, like I sing in one of the new songs, ‘no man is better than de other’. There can never be a better Guspy than myself. The same goes with promoters, DJs and the media. We are all equal and we complement each other,” he said.

The “Seunononga” hitmaker also explained his family’s support towards his music career.

“There have been misconceptions with regards to my father, who is into gospel.

“The issue is he supports me fully and I remember one time he told me that there is no difference between a tobacco farmer and a maize farmer because at the end of the day they are all farmers who work in the field.

“And for that reason he is going to grace my album launch. He has been my mentor and I learnt a lot from him,” he said.

He said he would continue churning out music with a positive message  to the ghetto youths.

“I am a Christian and my message to the youths is to be responsible. I don’t drink alcohol but those who do it should not drink and drive,” he said.

Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions spoke glowingly about Guspy Warrior and said he was prepared to work with all the artistes.

“It is my wish to work with every artiste and it might not just be but any other promoter to assist the youngsters. I am happy for Guspy for being the first to hold such a massive album launch,” he said.

Other sponsors at the show include Savanna Tobacco, who have been promoting Zim-Dancehall since its formative years.

The album launch will also be graced by a stellar line-up of performers in the genre.

On the bill are the likes of Dhadza D, Freeman, Sniper Storm, Shinsoman, Ricky Fire, Jay C, Kinnah, Lady Squanda, Tocky Vibes, Spiderman and Princo Spice. The controversial duo of Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love as well as Bounty Lisa and Smartex will be there to entertain their fans.

The performances will be spiced up by dancehall selectors among them the popular Templeman aka Godfatha, Garry B, Smiley of Legendary Sound, Judgment Yard — the combination of Etherton Beenie and Flevah. Digital One, Mafia 19 Sound, Madd Unit, Dj Smallz, Herbalist and Merciless Zim.

It goes without saying that the gig is a must attend for dancehall music lovers. Other performing artistes who deserve special mention are Freeman, whose real name is Emergy Sylvester Chizanga.

Arguably one of the talented chanters of our time, Freeman is good both on the hooks and the verses. His business approach to music has taken him beyond borders. He is expected to tour Australia soon where he commands a huge following. Indeed, he is the Dancehall Doctor.

Another talented artiste is Shinsoman. Well, you cannot deny the fact that Shinso in short is riding high on the Zim dancehall scene. He has done collaborations with a number of artistes where he waxed his lyrical prowess like never before.

Shinso aka “Dancehall Fatha” has within the shortest period of time made waves churning out tune after tune.

The same goes for Sniper Storm aka The General. He is one of the consistent chanters in dancehall and  he makes it clear that he stands for women and that which is right.
Many fans misunderstood Sniper to the point that his talent was overshadowed by some of his mistakes to stardom.

However, you cannot take away the fact that Sniper, born Donald Chirisa, is the heir  apparent to the dancehall throne. Songs such as “Love Yemusoja”, “Hubhinya”, “Kumerera” and “Wainira Musoja” show his great artistry.


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