A man can be VP: Amai Mugabe

The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, Cde Oppah Muchinguri and Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo share a lighter moment in Mazowe yesterday

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
Vice President Joice Mujuru can lose her position to a man since the national Constitution provides that President Mugabe can appoint any person of his choice regardless of sex, First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has said.The First Lady said while the Zanu-PF constitution provided for one of the Vice Presidents to be a woman, the national Constitution was supreme and its provisions prevailed.

Amai Mugabe made the remarks while addressing thousands of cross-border traders from across the country who thronged her Mazowe Children’s Home to endorse her elevation to the position of secretary for Women’s Affairs at the forthcoming Zanu-PF National People’s Congress, due in a fortnight.

The First Lady said this in response to VP Mujuru’s claims in a statement that was exclusively and extensively covered by the private press on Monday that calling for her resignation was unconstitutional.

Vice Presidents, said Amai Mugabe, were appointed at the pleasure of the President.

“Constitution yeparty inotaura iyo kuti nenyaya ye quota system, nenyaya yekuti kuitwe mainstream gender madzimai tiwanikwewo tiri muzvinzvimbo zvepamusoro vakatozotara kuti mumwe Number Two kuparty anofanira kunge ari mudzimai,” she said.

“Saka zvakanzi mu hierarchy yemusangano three vanenge varipo kana pane varume two panofanirwa kunge pane mumwe mukadzi zvichidzika kudaro nema structures kuitirawo kuti madzimai vaitwe recognise vave nema positions epamusoro mu party.

“Tikaenda ku Constitution yenyika yese inotaura iyo kuti President vacha appointer munhu, hapana kutaurwa kuti mukadzi kana murume and it is very clear. Saka President vanokwanisa ku appointer Vice President wenyika muhurumende mukadzi kana murume, it’s up to him.”

Amai Mugabe said it was shocking that VP Mujuru did not appreciate such elementary provisions, yet she has been in Government for the past 34 years.

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She said VP Mujuru was appointed by President Mugabe and that her position as second secretary of the party did not give her title deeds to the Vice Presidency of the country.

As such, she said, it was important for VP Mujuru to first read and understand the national Constitution before ignorantly rushing to the private press claiming that expressing a vote of no confidence in her was unconstitutional.

“Isusu tirikuti kana munhu achinge achiita zvinhu zvisingatifadzi tine right yekusumuka kuti aiwaka mafambiro, nzira yawava kufamba nayo haichakodzerani nezvido zvenyika. Kana zvisingachakodzerani nezvido zvenyika tava kuti isusu chimbosuduruka.

“Ndakati muZanu-PF mune vanhu vakawanda vanogona kuita basa iroro,” she said.

Amai Mugabe said all her revelations about VP Mujuru’s corruption, gossip and threats to make life unbearable for the First Family in the event that President Mugabe dies were based on evidence.

She said she would never fabricate allegations just to tarnish VP Mujuru’s image, but it was time for the VP to save herself the embarrassment of being sacked by resigning.

Amai Mugabe said VP Mujuru lost it by going to the private press trying to defend herself when evidence was abound.

“Dai ndiri munhu iyeye ndaibva ndangonyarara zvangu nekuti zvimwe zvinhu unononyoresa ugonyanya kutsamwisa vanhu nekuti ndaona muHerald kuti vanhu vakagumbuka kuti who do you think you are?” she said.

“Unoenda uchinonyoresa zvinhu zvakawanda-wanda mumapaper izvozvo isu tichiziva maitiro awanga uchiita. Saka zviri nani kuti kana uchipomerwa mhosva umbonyarara vanhu vanokupa respect ukanyarara.”

Amai Mugabe said some people could brag about being educated, yet did not have wisdom despite obtaining several certificates.

She urged those who attended the meeting to pray for VP Mujuru to exorcise her “demons”, adding that wearing a church uniform and going to church did not symbolise one’s faith since some people could do it, but still be devious.

Amai Mugabe said while some people in Zanu-PF participated in liberating the country, their actions exhibited traits of those who had been forced to go to war.

The First Lady said it was unheard of that VP Mujuru could distance herself from factional activities by some party cadres who were trying to aid her unconstitutional rise.

She said if VP Mujuru was not part of them, she should have reprimanded them.

Amai Mugabe said some politicians frequented witchdoctors for luck in their political ambitions, adding that there was evidence of such shenanigans.

She said VP Mujuru was being used by the British to destroy Zanu-PF from within after their MDC project failed.

Amai Mugabe set the record straight that when President Mugabe said Zanu-PF had been infiltrated by weevils during the burial of national hero Cde Nathan Shamuyarira, he did not mean Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo as widely purported by the private press.

She said VP Mujuru claimed that President Mugabe meant Prof Moyo by whispering that she had been vindicated, yet she was the actual weevil as evidenced by the ongoing purging of party officials aligned to her who wanted to remove President Mugabe from power through unconstitutional means.

Turning to cross-border traders, Amai Mugabe implored them to be resilient in the face of several challenges they face.

She said President Mugabe acknowledged the role cross-border traders and small to medium enterprises played in national development and to the country’s Gross Domestic Product, hence he created a ministry specifically for that purpose.

The First Lady said cross-border traders’ industriousness saw them help the country survive the hyper-inflationary environment of 2007 and 2008. Amai Mugabe said she was also a product of cross-border trading, and faced similar challenges that they faced.

She called on law enforcement agencies to stop harassing cross-border traders when going about their businesses.

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