A feather in the cap of Wushu boss

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A feather in the cap of Wushu boss MOST PRIZED POSSESSION . . . Zimbabwe Shaolin Wushu school boss Gilbert Makowah proudly displays the Nomad MMA trophy which he recently received in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

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ZIMBABWE Shaolin Wushu school boss Gilbert Makowah was recently appointed Nomad MMA (Mixed Martial Arts representative for Zimbabwe and Africa) at an executive meeting held in the city of Karaganda in Kazakhstan.

The decision was unanimous from the executive members present and the proxies from African member states.

The General Assembly was held alongside the World MMA Championships from November 18 to 24 in the presence of countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan with Zimbabwe being the only African country present as most countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon and India failed to secure visas and or had flight problems.

Zimbabwean fighter Taurai Moyo failed to attend the event after picking up a serious ankle injury owing to an accident travelling from Bulawayo to Harare.

“We are to spread the patronage of MMA in Zimbabwe first and foremost before tackling other African countries, especially Region 5 African countries where Zimbabwe belongs,’’ Makowah said.

“We were to travel to Algeria for the Vovinam (Viet Vo Dao) General Assembly and African Vovinam Championship (Vietnamese martial arts) from December 1 to 10 but the recent Covid-19 variant which forced airlines to cancel flights to and from Southern African countries, Zimbabwe included, means we shall not be participating at this event losing a lot of sponsorship availed to us in terms of four free return air tickets including accommodation and local transportation.

“Our second team was scheduled to travel to Turkey for an Open Unight Martial Arts tournament from December 8 to 12.

“Right now we are concentrating on taking our MMA to Zvishavane where there has been tremendous enthusiasm to start the sport there where we have been availed a gym to use.’’  Harare, of late, has been in a slumber period of inactivity to grab these heaven sent opportunities right at their doorsteps as they are failing to find an appropriate place for martial arts training despite previously showing great potential to take this sport very far.

Hopefully this will change sooner rather than later.

“We have had to postpone our Anzan Coaching Clinic (Iranian Martial Arts) that was to be held in Zimbabwe this November 2021 as a result of pressing commitments. This was to be a historic event in that it was the first Anzan coaching clinic to be held outside Iran. We shall revisit this event in January 2021 once the Covid-19 variant situation is contained,’’ Makowah added.

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