5-year dry spell ends for residents

14 Sep, 2021 - 00:09 0 Views
5-year dry spell ends for residents Warren Park Councillor Tichavona Mhetu addressing the press during the borehole drilling in Warren Park

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Residents of Warren Park 1 in Harare who had gone for five years without potable water are overjoyed following the drilling of a solar powered borehole by a South Korean church.

The borehole was drilled yesterday in 4th Crescent near Warren Park police station.

Luke Mission Ministry official, Mr Im Jae Myung said the borehole was the third in Zimbabwe after drilling two others in Hatcliffe and Nyabira respectively.

“We are assisting Zimbabweans to deal with the issues of water woes and so far, we have drilled three boreholes, but more are on cards,” he said.

One of the residents, Mrs Beauty Nhamburo said the borehole was a major relief as they used to travel long distances to fetch drinking water and had also restored doing their laundry with dirtywater.

“We are more than glad since in this area we have serious water woes to the extent that every day we would spend most of our time in queues at Unifresh shops. We really appreciate this wonderful gesture,” said Mrs Rudo Ronjezani, another resident.

Mr Joseph Mavhangeni (41) said they used to walk long distances to fetch water so the borehole had ended their woes.

“We would spend about two weeks without water, so we are more than happy.”

Reverend Viridzai Gilbert Goredema said water problems worsened in 2019, and the gesture was of great benefit  to them.

Mr Jacob Tinago said he hoped that the council would allow them to connect the water into their main line.

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