45th Cabinet meeting decisions matrix Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa

1. Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2019
Cabinet considered and approved the Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2019 which the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs presented as chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Legislation. Some of the salient amendments to be effected will include the following:

(a) provision, under Section 94 of subsection (2) to allow the President-elect, as soon as he assumes office, to appoint two persons to be Vice Presidents, who shall take their oaths of Office before the Chief Justice or the next senior judge available as set out in the Third Schedule;

(b) setting out in Section 95 the conditions under which a Vice President will vacate office, which include resignation, removal by the President, serious misconduct, failure to uphold the Constitution or inability to perform the functions of the office due to physical or mental incapacity; (c) inclusion under Section 180 of a subsection allowing the President, upon recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission, to appoint a sitting judge to be judge of a higher court wherever a vacancy at such a court arises;

(d) appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court for a non-renewable term of not more than 15 years, who may also be appointed as judges of the Supreme Court or High Court if they are eligible for such appointment, after completion of their term;

(e) that the retirement age for judges of the High Court, Labour Court and any other judges will be 70 years;

(f) that the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice, and judges of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts will hold office until they reach the age of 70 years, and thereafter may have their contracts renewed annually, upon production of a medical fitness certificate for a period not exceeding five years;

(g) insertion of a new section in the Constitution after Section 204 to include the appointment of the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and his or her deputies by the President, in consultation with the Civil Service Commission, whose terms and conditions of service shall be as fixed by the President;

(h) appointment of the Public Protector and Deputy Public Protector by the Presiden, after consultation with the Judicial Service Commission and the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders; and

(i) appointment of a Prosecutor-General by the President in consultation with the Judicial Service Commission.

2. Progress Update on the Implementation Of the 4th 100-Day Cycle Priority Projects
The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs updated Cabinet on progress in the implementation of the 4th 100-Day Cycle Priority Projects as follows:
construction of the Chinhoyi Magistrates’ Court is progressing well;
seven high profile corruption cases and eight minor corruption cases were identified. Despite delays emanating from referrals to superior courts, finalisation of the cases is being taken seriously; and
under the food production programme involving the country’s prisons and correctional services, 305,6 hectares of maize planted to date represent 82 percent of the targeted 437 hectares.

3. Report on the Implementation of the 3rd 100-Day Cycle of the Second Republic
Cabinet noted achievements realised in the implementation of the 3rd 100-Day Cycle Projects as presented by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of Government Programmes.
A total of 98 projects were implemented by 19 ministries. Forty-six out of the 98 projects were on target, 35 were below target with an acceptable range of deviation, while 17 were below target and outside the range of deviation.
Projects that were not completed will be rolled over to the next cycle. Some of the projects that were on target are as follows:
Infrastructure and Utilities Pillar
6 384 prepaid electricity meters were installed countrywide;
42 institutions (schools, clinics and service centres) and homesteads were electrified in rural provinces;
five base stations were installed and commissioned in Beitbridge, Mutare, Bindura, Binga and Nyanga;
Pembi Bridge in Mvurwi was widened and road approaches constructed on either side of the bridge to reduce traffic congestion; and
construction of an industrial park commenced at the Chinhoyi University of Technology.

Social Development Pillar
a total of 453 metric tonnes of maize, five Mt of beans, 23 Mt of cow peas and 1,9 Mt of sorghum were harvested at Prisons and Correctional Services farms countywide; and
a total of 403 756 school children were assisted under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

Inclusive Growth Pillar
a total of 10 million tree seedlings were produced and planted in Chinhoyi, Mashonaland West Province. The project will provide wood for tobacco curing;
five million doses of Newcastle disease vaccines were produced;
1 500 samples from the Karo Platinum Resources Venture in Mhondoro-Ngezi were sent to Australia for quality checks, 500 were successfully analysed and returned; and
eight projects under the Geospatial Aeronautical and Space Science Capability for Zimbabwe were completed.

Governance Pillar
The e-recruitment system for student nurses has been operationalised at the Ministry of Health and Child Care; and
14 cases of corruption were finalised, out of which there were eight convictions and six acquittals.
Macro-economic Stability and Financial Re-engagement
RTGS $3,49 billion was mobilised through various taxes, surpassing the target by 44 percent;

4. Fuel Supply Situation
The Minister of Energy and Power Development updated Cabinet on the fuel supply situation.
Cabinet assures the nation that necessary steps are being taken to ensure that the fuel situation is normalised during the festive season and beyond.

Indigenous oil companies will be issued with Letters of Credit to enable them to complement Government in satisfying the market.

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