38 arrested in ‘mutoriro’ blitz

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38 arrested in ‘mutoriro’ blitz Crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as “mutoriro”.

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AT LEAST 38 people have been arrested in Harare and Chitungwiza after they were found in possession of, and selling dangerous drugs including crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as “mutoriro”.

Police also recovered various illegal drugs following the arrests of the suspects who are still assisting police with investigations.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrests yesterday.

“On June 4, 2022, police in Harare arrested 15 people at Chigovanyika and Huruyadzo business centres in Chitungwiza, for illegal possession of dangerous drugs. The arrest led to the recovery of 60 packets of sex enhancement pills and 15 crystal meth smoking apparatus. 

“On June 2, 2022, police in Harare also arrested 23 people at Mbare Musika for selling dangerous drugs,” he said. 

The recovered drugs included 3 x12 (250ml) Double Punch, 10x1kg fumigant tablets, 20x15ml Epidem and 20×15 ml Betasol, valued at approximately $166 000.

Asst Comm Nyathi said police will continue carrying out such raids and warned those dealing in illegal drugs that they will be arrested and prosecuted.

The arrests come after reports that the abuse of  “mutoriro”, also known as  “dombo” or  “guka”, by youths had reached alarming levels.

At least 100 young men and women have appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court. The rise in cases where people are dealing in dangerous drugs, has been blamed for the surge in cases of drug-induced mental illnesses.

Most of the people developing mental illnesses from the drugs are not in hospital or being treated as outpatients, but are seen roaming the streets while others are behaving abnormally at shopping centres.

In most communities, young boys and girls who abuse the dangerous drugs have changed their behaviour, but remain part of the community until the illness becomes more pronounced.

They are only taken to psychiatric units when they turn violent, show suicidal tendencies or cause problems to others.

At the Harare Magistrates Court, the cases now come daily, a development that prompted the authorities to allocate them to a special court, which has handled at least 100 cases since July last year, of either possessing crystal meth or abusing it.

Although drug addicts may abuse other dangerous drugs like dagga, ganja cakes, a prohibited cough syrup called BronCleer (bronco) and illicit beers, crystal meth is dominating the serious end of the drug abuse spectrum.

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