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30th edition of the 21st February Movement celebrations, Great Zimbabwe Monuments, Masvingo

27 Feb, 2016 - 07:02 0 Views

The Herald

Updates by Shingirai Huni and Costa Mano


1554: The official proceedings have ended here in Masvingo and so have our updates. We will upload pictures as soon as they become available.

1528: President Mugabe is now cutting the cake.

One of the cakes at the celebrations. Picture by Believe Nyakudyara

One of the cakes at the celebrations. Picture by Believe Nyakudyara

1519: President Mugabe has promised to take the youth’s suggestion that 21 February be made a youth day by taking the suggestion to the party and if it’s agreed it will be taken to parliament. He has finished his address.

1514: President Mugabe laments the bad agricultural season and says they have had to ask for help as they seek maize and other forms of grain.

“We are doing our best to feed our nation..yes, we need more funding in order to buy it…we shall certainly get through this bad patch. I just want to say to the youth league well done..I’m sure we shall be well fed.”

1510: “I fail to get what is to get these people to abuse children, if it was one incident you would say maybe it’s madness but it’s now so widespread. There have been suggestions that the punishment being given by the courts is not enough.”


1509: “Let us recognise that although we may differ, although we may have different affinities..there is room in our country for all us and that must be recognised, that is the right of self determination, we work together, we allow democracy to have it’s role in society and accept the rule of law and the fact that we have a Constitution.

“Compliance with that Constitution is a must  that’s the start of the rule of law, elections must held when they are due but they must be free and fair just like the 2013 elections were free and fair.”

1502: “If aid is going to be given on the principle that we accept gay marriages then let that aid stay where it is, it is rotten aid, filthy aid…I thank the Zanu-PF youth league for organising this event…to everyone here celebrating my 92nd birthday I want to thank you all.”

People from all walks of life converged at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments today.

People from all walks of life converged at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments today. Picture by Believe Nyakudyara

1500: “The youth league is our vanguard in the revolution in the event of divisionists coming to divide the party, you the youth should blow the whistle…the youth should always embrace the use of ICTs in various facets of our development…however the use of social media platforms should be used for the development spectrum of the nation.”

1456: “We should remain united and use proper channels to solve our differences.”

1454: “I’m glad to share with you that i treat this event with the seriousness it deserves….the movement is dedicated towards the development of youths in all walks of life….The situation nin country socially, politically and economically has not been favourable to our youth mainly caused by the illegal sanctions…the British and Americans have utilised this opportunity to individuals from outside and within which has led to factionalism.”

1448: He addresses Cde Kudzanai Chipanga saying the youth should find a solution and a workable relationship with war veterans and not deride each other. He says people can’t say they fought the war like they fought alone. The youth have a lot to learn also from the war veterans they fought the war.

1441:  President Mugabe is now introducing other VIPs on the podium.

One of the cakes.

One of the cakes.

1439: “May I on behalf of my family…my lovely wife apa Grace, and my daughter Bona and her husband Simba, then Robert Tinotenda, he’s the tallest in the family akuita architecture and Bellarmine..Vakwashawo vauya futi Reverend Chikoore ve ZAOGA naMai vauyawo futi.”

1435: “Tauya kuno kuZunde..nzvimbo yakakosha..kusarudza kwamakaita ana Togarepi tigovapano handifungi kwaive kwekungoti kunonzi Great Zimbabwe saka handei asi kusarudza kwaiva nekufunga kwaka dzama…It was a choice to have the ancestral spirits inspire us to work for the people. Ko takazviti Zimbabwe pamusana penzvimbo ino.

“Tirege kuva nepfungwa yekuti uyu anobva uko uyu anobva uko…hongu Masvingo ndovachengeti vemusha uno..sevatungamiri torega nyaya yekuti uyu mzukuru wangu saka ngaaende pachigaro ichi kwete.”

1429: “Zvikwata zviri kungotuka izvo takati pasi nazvo….Zanu-PF will remain Zanu-PF very strong, I thank you for the respect you have given me.”

1426: “I want to thank our children in the youth league of our party for this event which is an event to show respect not only to me but all elders both men and women coming from the youth league. We heard what they have said led by Cde Togarepi and the pledge of respect…while we are here at Great Zimbabwe, this was the pillar of the house of Munhumutapa, this is the place that has given us a new life. We fought with the life that was here in our minds.

“The unity they had ensures the spread of their rule all over, across the Limpopo even if you go to Mapungubwe or Khami Ruins…this could never have been built by a people who were not united. There was a way of life, a life we have been given…we wonder whether some youths would have smoke marijuana by some’s quite unbecoming the way the President’s wife has been abused with some even giving news to the likes of Al Jazeera…I was happy to hear Cde Togarepi say that they would be punished even chased from the party.

We cannot lead such misguided youths, no, the youths have to well disciplined..respectful. We, the elders need to be straight forward also because we will be behind..we don’t want that..powers and positions are not won by attacking each other, there’s only way which is the Zanu way to any positions in the party. It is the way of the people, you must be chosen by the people…are you a well behaved person, what record have you in the party.”

1414: President Mugabe is now on the podium.

1356: ZCC Mbungo is now providing entertainment.

1351: The former inmates are now being introduced one after the other.

The venue provided a stunning setting for the celebration of an African icon.

The venue provided a stunning setting for the celebration of an African icon.

1342: The youth league invited President Mugabe’s former inmates when he was incarcerated during the colonial era and they have now been invited on stage to meet with the President.

1339: He warns those involved in corruption saying the youth league will face them head on. Cde Togarepi says the youth league has put in place programmes to enhance productivity that include housing projects with financial support being already in place, ideological training amongst other projects.

He says the President’s name will always be remembered and he wishes him more years. He proposes that the 21st of February be a holiday.

1328: Secretary for youth affairs Pupurai Togarepi is now on the podium. He says the youth leadership has shown great maturity and leadership in making the event a success. He praises President Mugabe for good leadership of the African Union and Sadc. Cde Togarepi lauds the President’s stance on the reformation of the United Nations Security Council as well as his stance on unity in the Southern African region.

He says the party’s resounding victory in the 2013 elections is testimony of the people’s confidence in the President. Cde Togarepi says the youth league has been working hard on the empowerment of youths. He lambasts the abuse of social media as a weapon to disrupt the party. He says the target is the revolution. He says any member of the youth league who abuses social media should be removed from their positions.

1313:  Zanu-PF youth league national secretary for commissariat Cde Innocent Hamandishe is the Master of Ceremony for the day.

1310: School children are now reciting poems.

1253: Cde Josiah Hungwe is now addressing the gathering on behalf of Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Shuvai Mahofa who is ill. He welcomes those gathered and urges them to enjoy the celebrations.

1239: Six foreign youth league organisations are also at the celebrations and they include BDP from Botswana, FRELIMO from Mozambique, ANC from South Africa among others

1232: Cde Matutu is now introducing the youths who are part of the celebrations.

1231: He says the 21st February Movement is a non partisan development organisation. He calls upon all citizens of Zimbabwe to unite because unity is the glue that binds the people together.

Cde Matutu says it is disheartening the way the young and others behave in the party yet unity is what is needed. He apologises on behalf of the youth.

1228: Zanu-PF youth league national secretary for administration Cde Lewis Matutu is now on the podium.

1212: Tha National Anthem is now being played.

1203: President Mugabe and Amai Grace Mugabe have arrived to wild cheers and ululation.

1155: VP Mnangagwa and his wife have arrived.

1150: Cdes Walter Chidhakwa, Simon Khaya-Moyo, Dr Ignatius Chombo and Dr Lazarus Dokora have arrived.

1121: School children are now reciting poems.

1109: ZCC Mbungo Choir has got the delegates on their feet with their energy filled music and dance.

1101: Senate president Cde Edna Madzongwe, chief secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Sibanda and Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Patrick Zhuwawo are also among the delegates.

1046: VP Phelekezela Mphoko has arrived accompanied by his wife Luaurinda.

Some of the delegates

Some of the delegates

1025: The Zimbabwe Republic Police band is now entertaining the gathered guests.

The 21st February Movement Celebrations have been well subscribed. Picture by Shingirai Huni

The 21st February Movement Celebrations have been well subscribed. Picture by Shingirai Huni

1012: Vice Presidents Mnangagwa and Mphoko together with their families are scheduled to arrive at 1030hrs. President Mugabe Mugabe and Amai Grace Mugabe will arrive at 1045hrs.

The President is expected to give his keynote address from 1240 to 1300hrs after which the cake will be cut and gifts presented.

0944: This year’s theme is “Youth Celebrating An African Icon Through Enhanced Productivity”.

All roads lead to Great Zimbabwe Monuments. Picture by Shingirai Huni

All roads lead to Great Zimbabwe Monuments. Picture by Shingirai Huni

0909: Designated parking space has already filled up and delegates are now looking for alternative parking some distance away from the venue.

0858: Delegates have started arriving in large numbers at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments in Masvingo, venue for the 21st February Movement Celebrations.


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