30 poachers arrested, 15 guns recovered in Kariba A suspected poacher with a snare to trap wild animals was arrested by rangers over the weekend.

Walter Nyamukondiwa in MOLA

At least 30 poachers were arrested and 15 guns recovered last year in anti-poaching operations in the Nyaminyami area of Kariba district, in the process protecting wildlife.

There has been no loss of elephants to poaching in the last seven years owing to a rigorous anti-poaching campaign.

As a result, there has been an uptick in the number of big game such as the buffalo in the area.

Sighting of the buffalo had been far and wide owing to suspected poaching with rangers reduced to counting spoor in annual reports but owing to the increase of the herd, live counts are now being undertaken.

Carbon Green African rangers working with other anti-poaching units and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority have stepped up operations which have had a positive impact on wildlife protection.

In an interview, Carbon Green Africa field training officer Ranger Charles Khumalo said at least 47 rangers drawn from communities adjacent to Ume and Mackenzie conservancies have been carrying out operations to protect wildlife.

“We have been undertaking combat operations, attending to problem animals in the community, looking out for snares and apprehending poachers,” said Ranger Khumalo.

“In 2022 we managed to arrest at least 30 poachers and recovered 15 firearms. Some of those arrested were convicted while others were cautioned and released. Since 2016 we have not lost an elephant in this area.”

At least four poachers have been arrested since the beginning of the year.

Chief Mola hailed the work that was being done by Carbon Green Africa to conserve the environment and help reduce cases of human and wildlife conflict.

“We can see the work that is being done to protect our wildlife and we appreciate it. The wildlife has helped us undertake so many projects and we support that they are protected,” he said.

Some of the poachers kill small game for food while others do poaching commercially targeting elephants, buffaloes and zebras among others.

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