3-year-olds join queue for Covid jabs Health and Child Care Minister Dr Constantino Chiwenga yesterday.

Conrad Mupesa 

Mashonaland West Bureau 

Children from three years can now take the Covid-19 vaccine, as part of efforts to minimise its spread, and to boost immune systems, Vice President and Health and Child Care Minister Dr Constantino Chiwenga, has said.

He also warned citizens to be on guard against Monkey Pox, which has 5 115 cases confirmed in 51 countries, including the United States and South Africa. 

Speaking on Friday after a clean-up exercise in Banket, VP Chiwenga said while huge strides had been made in vaccinating citizens against Covid-19, people must maintain their guard.

“Covid-19 is still with us and those that have not been vaccinated should go and get inoculated,” he said. 

“This month, we will be starting vaccinating 3-year-olds and above to protect them from the virus. We have enough vaccines in stock to inoculate those that are still to be vaccinated. 

“Covid-19 is deadly, especially to those with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and hypertension, but you are protected if you get vaccinated.”

VP Chiwenga also warned against Monkey Pox, which has been recorded in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo and most European countries. 

“We are now faced with a new pandemic called Monkey Pox and this disease is avoided by taking all the precautions we put on Covid-19 and abstaining from sexual intercourse,” he said. 

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