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3-year jail term for ‘fuel queue’ car thief

29 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
3-year jail term for ‘fuel queue’ car thief

The Herald

Herald Reporter

A CHITUNGWIZA man was yesterday jailed three years for stealing a car at a fuel queue in Harare.

Prosper Makono (28) was initially sentenced to five years in prison by Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga before she suspended one-and-a-half years for five years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence during that period.

She also set aside another six months of the sentence on condition that he pays back Ishmael Makomeya US$30 he stole from him on or before July 30 this year.

Prosecutor Terence Mashaire said Makono approached Makomeya and told him he could assist him to jump the queue.

Makomeya fell for Makono’s trick, who drove the car into the forecourt and past the fuel pumps, before driving off with Makomeya’s cellphone, $1 200, US$50 and a jerry can.

Detectives from the CID Vehicle Theft Squad managed to track down Makono in Mbare and recovered the vehicle.

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