3 ex-ZBC managers face trial Mr Mavhura

Herald Reporter
The trial of three former ZBC top managers will start on July 3 on charges connected with the transfer of a company car to one of them, senior regional magistrate Mr Trynos Utahwashe ruled yesterday.

Former ZBC CEO Patrick Mavhura, former head of finance, administration and human resources Benania Shumba and former human resources manager Stephen Kundishora are facing charges of duping the national broadcaster of, among other things, a Mazda BT50 which they gave to Shumba at a book value of zero instead of more than US$11 000.

They appeared before Mr Utahwashe who remanded them to the new trial date following an application for postponement by prosecutor Mr George Manokore on the basis that they wanted to formally subpoena witnesses.

The matter was scheduled for trial yesterday, but the State indicated that there was miscommunication between them and witnesses.

The State’s case is that on 17 August last year, Shumba wrote to Mavhura requesting to be allowed to buy the vehicle she had been issued by ZBC during her tenure.

Mavhura allegedly approved that she be allowed to buy the Mazda truck at zero cost, instead of US$11 000.

The State further says Mavhura, Shumba and Kundishora then wrote to the Central Vehicle Registry authorising that the vehicle’s ownership be transferred to Shumba.

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