$250 000 bail for armed robbery suspect

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$250 000 bail for armed robbery suspect

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A SUSPECTED armed robber linked to the Mashwede heist in Harare involving US$100 000, has been granted $250 000 bail by the High Court.

Spicer Takawira (28) of Highfield, was asked to post the unusually high amount as bail after he failed to provide surety in the form of an immovable property.

He is part of a gang of 10 men who allegedly broke into Mashwede premises in Glen View on April 5, 2020, where they stole cash and fuel coupons at gun point.

Takawira first appeared before Justice Webster Chinamora in May this year seeking bail on changed circumstances on the basis that his co-accused, Cornwell Kasambarare, was granted bail by another judge.

Prosecutor Ms Vanencia Mutake explained that his case was different from that of Kasambarare in that when police cornered him, Takawira sped off and was involved in a high speed chase in Chitungwiza.

He escaped when the front bumper of the police car that was chasing him fell off. Justice Chinamora had last week on Thursday asked Takawira to provide surety in the form of immovable property.

When he returned to court on Wednesday, Takawira’s lawyer Mr Tawanda Takaendesa advised the court that his client had failed to find that kind of surety and offered an increased amount of bail in the sum of $250 000.

In granting the bail, Justice Chinamora said the amount offered was enough to allay the State’s fears that Takawira could evade trial.

“The increased amount of bail would counterbalance the risk,” he said.

“It is admittedly an unusually high amount, but using my discretion, I have decided to set the bail amount at $250 000 in the particular circumstances of this case.”

Charges against Takawira arose when he, in the company of nine other accomplices, hatched a plan to rob the complainant and acting in common purpose, they went to Mashwede Towers in four separate cars.

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