230 Pfumvudza demo plots for dry regions Chief Mola (in blue worksuit) inspects a sorghum crop on a demonstration plot in Mola (Ward 4) with some villagers and Carbon Green Africa programme officers

Walter Nyamukondiwa

Kariba Bureau

At least 230 demonstration plots on climate-proofed Presidential Inputs Programme (Pfumvudza) and small grains have been set up in the dry regions of four districts.

The plots in Hurungwe, Kariba, Mbire and Binga have so far this season, shown heightened resilience of crops against moisture stress and high temperatures.

Nearly two hectares have been put under maize and sorghum on a demonstration plot for Chief Mola.

Chief Mola hailed the programme being spearheaded by Carbon Green Africa who provided seed and fertilisers.

The field has a thriving sorghum and maize crop which has shown resilience.

He said the crops were looking better than before, adding that his area would adopt the small grains next season.

“This initiative (Pfumvudza) is very good and has shown that it will help us here in Mola because of the dry weather conditions and high temperatures,” said Chief Mola.

“The growing of small grains will go a long way in promoting food sufficiency in our area.”

Chief Mola said he would promote the growing of small grains in his area.

“We are happy about the state of the crop and how it is responding to the weather conditions here.

“I will make sure to reserve some of the sorghum produce as seed for next year so that I distribute to people in my area,” he said.

A villager, Mr Edison Mujokeri said the area should prioritise the growing of small grains.

Villagers in the area usually grow maize on river banks.

“As a community we have not been giving enough attention to the growing of small grains but the demonstration plot has shown that we will not go hungry if we grow sorghum and rapoko,” said Mr Mujokeri.

“Pfumvudza gives us an opportunity to address challenges related to low rainfall and high temperatures which severely affect maize.”

The demonstration plots initiative seeks to promote the growing of drought resistant small grains in Mbire, Nyaminyami (Kariba), Hurungwe and Binga districts.

Carbon Green Africa General manager Mr Charles Ndondo said the initiative was aimed at promoting Government’s climate proofing Pfumvudza programme and food security in dry regions of the country.

“We have done conservation farming demo plots in Nyaminyami (79), Mbire (69), Binga (45) and Hurungwe (33),” said Mr Ndondo.

“They planted red sorghum seed and the variety is called Easi 150 from Easi seeds, maize, sunflower and cowpeas.”

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