2020 pays off for Zim-UAE model

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2020 pays off for Zim-UAE model Vimbai Mukambi

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
United Arab Emirates-based Zimbabwean commercial model Vimbai Mukambi has said the year 2020 ended on a good note as she managed to achieve most of her plans.

Mukambi is already basking in glory after she was on Tuesday recognised for her work on Dubai Mall social media pages.

Mukambi who models for UAE brand Bhype DxB Luxury fashions and Turkishbrand Les Benjamin’s Supreme among others was posted on the biggest social media page and said the recognition is an achievement to her career considering that it was difficult to penetrate the industry in the foreign land.

Mukambi is set to be put on a billboard as cover-girl in UAE in the next month.

In an interview with the bubbly model Mukambi affectionately known as “MK”, she said it was a dream come true for her and the recognition will go a long way in developing the chosen career.

“Modelling is a career that needs to be taken seriously as it sustains livelihood.

2020 has been a difficult year but I can say that I have managed to survive and started on a good note.

Early in January I got a deal with brands like, “Iceberg”, “BlackPyramid”, “Pardon my French”, “Supreme”, “ElleEse” and “Rugrats”.

In December I got what they wanted to have my face on a billboard for the 2021 summer season.

I was then surprised they used my images on DubaiMall Instagram pages which is actually a big thing here in Dubai and the social media post had gone viral,” she said.

Mukambi recently said that because of the coronavirus pandemic which has affected a lot of production globally, her partners in the business had resorted to online advertising.

This has resorted to social media taking over.

Mukambi said had already made plans for 2021 with more deals in line though she wanted to move to the fashion consultancy sector.

“I will remain a commercial model but I also want to venture on image consultancy as a profession because of how she is being pestered and nagged in her direct inbox with different people including celebrities.

Some even visit my work place and ask how I do my makeup, matching it with my outfits and sometimes some of the local models and celebrities I give them tips.

I am not going to open an agency but I will just do it on a contract basis hence will not be clinched to anyone.

My love is on commercial modelling,” she explained.

However, some of the prominent brands she has worked with include “Make money not friends,” which is Italian.

I have also worked with designer brands like “Uche” from Nigeria, “Black Pyramid” by Chris Brown,DJ Snake’s popular, “Pardon my French,” “Moho” and “Vintage Frames” among others.

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