2018: Year of acceleration Part 2


Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
LAST week we started on our theme of the year 2018 The Year Of Acceleration, and saw how many souls will come to the Lord, how the Lord will touch our families, how we will excel financially and the need to be able to handle the acceleration since things are going to be happening very fast. Let us dig more and find out what else we need to expect in this year!

Amos 9:13, (MSG) “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now God’s decree, Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other.

“You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once-and everywhere you look, blessings. Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I will make everything right again for my people Israel.”

You see things are going to be happening very fast such that your sister will come to try and explain the wonderful acceleration happening at her place but before she finishes it will already be happening also in your own house. O hallelujah! Before long your sister in Victoria Falls will phone and say the same thing is also happening in my family. Everywhere you look, blessings!

In this year people will sow and immediately reap. We have never had is such a year. Don’t tire in doing what is good! You may have helped many people last year and yet you own things still seem stuck! Your marriage could have been hell last year, trust the Lord, it will be like heaven in this year! You will plan things together and it will prosper! The bruises and hurts of yesterday will quickly be healed and disappear! This is the year to rejoice. It’s a year to praise the Lord. O, God is doing a new thing. It’s going to be so fast.

But Bishop, each year themes come and themes go, yet my life has been the same. Don’t worry, don’t doubt, don’t waver, just believe and keep declaring this is my year of acceleration! Those with no cars, you will have your own cars!

Those who had one car will have another one for the other spouse so that no one inconveniences the other! Those that used to eat on the floor will soon have their dining table and chairs, sofas and all things they lacked!

Surely, 2018 is a year to rejoice and prosper in all areas spiritual and material even as your souls will be prospering. Things will be faster than you.

Here is another glimpse of the year, 2018 the anointing is going to come to people like, a bolt. It will be so fast like a bullet! This year we want preachers who are going to preach powerfully. The time and the hour have come for the Son of Man to be glorified. The years before things had a lot of order and protocol but this year some protocols will be broken! What do I mean? You touch one corner and 10 corners are going to shake! O glory! 1 used to chase a thousand but 2 shall chase tens of thousands! The enemy used to make you run and hide in fear but this year the enemy will panic and flee in 7 directions! This is the kind of year we are in — acceleration!

Not only that, but what others did in 7 years we will get it in 7 weeks. That means by 28 February you will have achieved what took others 7 years. The driver coming to your house to deliver bread; will be surprised when he arrives to see you already eating the bread on the table!

The bread he will be coming to deliver will get to the delivery place before the driver gets there! I like it, I like it! I like the things of God. Laugh a bit and say Hahaha!

Remember the disciples were struggling to catch fish but found Jesus already eating some roasted fish. Elijah got meals from the ravens! Kwaa and the meat would fall right before Elijah! Glory to God!

In this year someone will come and say I have come to talk to you about the call of God over your life, it’s now time. And you say ah before you came I heard about the calling and already preaching now, thank you! Things will be fast.

Jobs will look for you. Before you get in town the job will be looking for you in Highfield! Zvaitora nguva azvichatora nguva (what used to take a lot of time will happen suddenly)

Also remember last week we said whilst acceleration will be in all other areas of life, there are certain areas that we declared will not accelerate. For example you will not accelerate in growing old! O I like it! We will stay younger this year by the grace and strength of the Lord!

This year you must also not accelerate on drinking alcohol no, no, no!

Yes things are going to be happening very fast but don’t go in the wrong direction and cause your family and children to suffer!

It’s a good year, it’s your year of acceleration! For with God all things are possible Mark 10:27

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