20 injured in lorry accident

Daniel Chigunwe Mash Central Correspondent
AT least 30 people were seriously injured when the loading box of a lorry they were travelling in opened resulting in passengers being thrown out onto the tarmac on their way to Heroes’ Day celebrations in Guruve.

Guruve North Member of National Assembly Cde Grover Dzapasi confirmed the accident and said the lorry was carrying more than 100 passengers who were travelling to Guruve District Heroes’ Acre for this year’s com-memorations.

The accident occurred at the 70km peg along the Bakasa-Guruve Road.

The injured were taken to Guruve District Hospital.

“It is unfortunate to have such a tragedy when we are celebrating our Heroes’ Day. The cause of the accident was attributed to overloading. I have spoken to the driver of the truck who said he stopped after hearing some of the passengers shouting that the loading box had opened and people had been thrown out.

“Among the injured passengers is a 14-year-old teenager who suffered a back injury, while another one has a deep cut on the hand.

“We are encouraging drivers not to speed. They must always ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy,” said Cde Dzapasi.

The truck driver, Alexander Mutimbanyoka, said: “After approaching the curve, I heard people shouting that the loading box had opened. I stopped the vehicle. That is when I discovered that some people had fallen from the moving truck. It is so unfortunate.”

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