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19-gun salute for Moi

13 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
19-gun salute for Moi Retired Africa Inland Church Bishop Silas Yego presides over Moi’s funeral service at Kabarak University in Kenya yesterday

The Herald

Kabarak. — Former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi, who ruled the East African country for more than two decades, was laid to rest yesterday after soldiers marked the occasion with a 19-gun salute.

Military officers presented the canon salute near his gravesite in Kabarak. Military aircrafts flew over Kabarak in aerial salute known as missing wingman formation in honour of the former president.

Unlike his predecessor Mzee Kenyatta, who had a 21-gun salute, Mzee Moi got 19-gun salute because he did not die while in office. The guns were fired in three second intervals beginning at 4.20pm. The former president was buried at his Kabarak home next to his wife Lena who died in 2004. — Daily Nation.

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