150 000 cars face de-registration Minister Matiza

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
More than 150 000 vehicles whose owners failed to renew their licences for two years as of July 31 this year face de-registration once the notice has been published in the Government Gazette, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza has said.

Once a vehicle is de-registered, technically it becomes valueless as the owner would lose valid title to it.

To re-register the car, one has to pay outstanding arrears and penalties owed, including insurance and get clearance from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority that the vehicle was legally imported into the country.

Further, the car has to be cleared by the Vehicle Theft Squad and the Vehicle Inspection Department before it can ply the country’s roads again.

In a statement, Minister Matiza said: “It has come to the attention of Government that there are numerous vehicles that are either plying our public roads or simply parked in backyards, but not been licensed for more than two years without official exemptions. The behaviour is contrary to the country’s statutes and has to be corrected without further delay.

“In terms of Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Chapter13:14) it is illegal to use such a vehicle on a public road unless it meets the registration and licensing requirements enshrined therein. In particular, section 12 of the said Act states that, the owner of every registered vehicle shall keep such vehicle licensed in terms of this Act.

“Section 12 of the said Act empowers the registrar of vehicles to cancel the registration of a vehicle if according to his records, a registered vehicle has not been licensed or exempted for a period exceeding two years.”

Minister Matiza continued: “My ministry is reliably informed that at the beginning of the month, there were more than 150 000 vehicles sitting in the vehicle licensing database whose licences had expired for more than two years without exem-                                    ptions.

“This is not only unnecessary, but unacceptable. The responsible motorists should have simply renewed their licences or obtained exemptions on time. The affected motoring public, therefore, should urgently regularise their vehicle licences.”

Minister Matiza said the cancellation of the registration of unlicensed vehicles was not a punitive measure, but was intended to bring about compliance with the legal framework and update the national vehicle database.

Said Minister Matiza: “I urge all motorists to comply with all the rules of the road. Innocent precious lives are being lost on our public roads due to reckless and negligent driving and unroadworthy vehicles. My ministry is determined to put a stop to this trend. We are building a new Zimbabwe and all of us should be ready to play a positive role as we strive to enjoy an era of peace and prosperity.”

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