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FOURTEEN secondary schools from Zimbabwe made it on the recent African Economist Magazine (top 100 list of best secondary schools which was released last month. The schools comprised both private and Government schools in the country and Africa as a whole. It is not known whether the latest rankings were from the current statistics of the schools in terms of education or the number of graduates it has produced over the years.
However, there are some schools of thought which feel that there are a lot of schools which are far much better academically than the ones listed, but they did not make the top grade.

On the rankings, South Africa leads the list with 35 secondary schools although the country falls behind Zimbabwe on third position on the literacy rate rankings with 86,4 percent.

As far as literacy rankings in Africa are concerned, Zimbabwe leads the continent at 90,7 percent literacy while Equatorial Guinea is second position with 87 percent but the Equatorial Guinea has only one secondary school in the top 100. Private schools and international recognised schools including missionary schools, outperform Government ones in terms of infrastructure and quality. From Zimbabwe, St George’s College, Prince Edward School and Gateway made it in the top 20 list while Allan Wilson was sitting on the edge on number 100.

Below is the list of the 100 Best Schools
in Africa:
1. Grey College (South Africa)
2. Rift Valley Academy (Kenya)
3. King Edward VII School (South Africa)
4. Hilton College (South Africa)
5. St George’s College (Zimbabwe)
6. Prince Edward School (Zimbabwe)
7. International School of Kenya (Kenya)
8. Accra Academy (Ghana)
9. LycéeLamineGuèye (Senegal)
10. Adisadel College (Ghana)
11. St John’s College (Houghton, SA)
12. Maritzburg College (South Africa)
13. LycéeGuebre Mariam (Ethiopia)
14. Selborne College (South Africa)
15. St Alban’s College (South Africa)
16. LycéeLyautey (Morocco)
17. Durban High School (South Africa)
18. Grey High School (South Africa)
19. St Andrew’s College (South Africa)
20. Gateway High School (Zimbabwe)
21. Glenwood High School (South Africa)
22. Rainbow International School (Uganda)
23. LycéeMoulay Youssef (Morocco)
24. Kearsney College (South Africa)
25. St James High School (Zimbabwe)
26. Wynberg Boys High School (SA)
27. Pretoria Boys High School (South Africa)
28. LycéeFrançais de Tananarive (Madagascar )
29. Mauritius College of the Air Mauritius
30. International School Moshi (Tanzania)
31. Le CollègeMermoz (Cote d’Ivoire)
32. Strathmore School (Kenya)
33. Parktown Boys’ High School (SA)
34. International School of Tanganyika (Tan    zania)
35. Holy Child School (Ghana)
36. Christ The King College (Nigeria)
37. Graeme College (South Africa)
38. Jeppe High School for Boys (SA)
39. Alliance High School (Kenya)
40. Hillcrest School (Jos, Nigeria)
41. Kingswood College (South Africa)
42. Hamilton High School (Zimbabwe)
43. Lincoln International School (Uganda)
44. Lycée Victor Hugo (Morocco)
45. Alexandra High School (South Africa)
46. ÉcoleNormaleSupérieure (Guinea)
47. Ghana International School (Ghana)
48. Arundel School (Zimbabwe)
49. Rondebosch Boys’ High School (SA)
50. Starehe Boys’ Centre (Kenya)
51. American International School of Johannesburg (South Africa)
52. Victoria Park High School (SA)
53. Methodist Boys High School (Sierra Leone)
54. Harare International School (Zim)
55. Methodist Girls High School (Sierra Leone)
56. Lenana School (Kenya)
57. St Andrew’s High School (Malawi)
58. Benoni High School (South Africa)
59. Waddilove High School (Zimbabwe)
60. Roedean School (South Africa)
61. Wykeham Collegiate Independent School for Girls (South Africa)
62. LyceeFrancais du Caire (Egypt)
63. Christian Brothers’ College (Zimbabwe)
64. Kamuzu Academy (Malawi)
65. Mount Pleasant High School (Zimbabwe)
66. Mfantsipim School (Ghana)
67. Chisipite Senior School (Zimbabwe)
68. Gayaza High School (Uganda)
69. Kutama College (Zimbabwe)
70. Wheelus High School (Libya)
71. Michaelhouse School (SA)
72. Westville Boys’ High School (SA)
73. Namilyango College (Uganda)
74. Government College Umuahia (Nigeria)
75. Muir College (South Africa)
76. Wesley Girls High School (Ghana)
77. Alexander Sinton High School (S. Africa)
78. LycéeFaidherbe (Senegal)
79. Royal College (Port Louis, Mauritius)
80. Lycée La Fontaine (Niger)
81. LycéeLyautey de Casablanca (Morocco)
82. Settlers High School (South Africa)
83. Nyeri High School (Kenya)
84. Pinetown Boys’ High School (SA)
85. Kings’ College Lagos (Nigeria)
86. LycéeFrançaisLiberté Mali
87. Paarl Boys’ High School (South Africa)
88. St Paul’s College (Namibia)
89. TafariMakonnen School (Ethiopia)
90. Wynberg Girls’ High School (SA)
91. Bingham Academy (Ethiopia)
92. Port Shepstone High School (SA)
93. Clapham High School (South Africa)
94. Hillcrest Secondary School (Kenya)
95. South African College School (SA)
96. Lycée Blaise Diagne (Senegal)
97. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls (SA)
98. Townsend High School (Zimbabwe)
99. St Gregory’s College (Nigeria)
100. Allan Wilson High School (Zim)

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