12-year-old dreams big

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12-year-old dreams big Lynn Danai Musa

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Most singers’ biographies begin with narrations of how they started singing at Sunday school or in a primary school choir.

But most musicians only get into the studio when they become adults. Many of them say their parents urged them to prioritise their academic pursuits over music.

It is a different tale for 12-year-old Lynn Danai Musa, who recently released a love song titled “Right by Your Side”. What does a 12-year-old know about love? Many may ask.

The lyrics of her song say it all. She seems to have observed love going in the air around her. She also listens to many love songs. Her lyrics are too deep for her age and exhibit great potential.

With support from her father Percy Musa, who is a musician, the Form One pupil is likely to have an interesting adventure in music.

“I listen to music a lot and I love a lot of artistes. At primary school my teacher was also in charge of the music department and she helped me find my voice.

The singer who inspires me is Ariana Grande.

“My father has also been supportive and I know he wants me to pursue music at a higher level. He helped me record my first single.”

Lynn has already assembled a band of talented teenagers that will support her at live shows that she plans to hold during school holidays

“My band is very good. It has some of the best people I could find. I can already tell our journey will be successful. I want to make a change in the music industry and show people that it doesn’t matter how old you are. You can achieve anything if you are determined.

“The song that I recorded was inspired by observations of what was happening around me.

“In life people come and go but there will always be one person who stays by your side.

“I was born in 2006 in England I grew up there. I am currently in Zimbabwe doing my Form One and also working on my music.”

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