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11-year-old singer ready to conquer

11-year-old singer  ready to conquer

singerSwagga T
AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD music sensation has stormed the music scene and is poised to give the big guns a fine run for their money. This is none other than Nokutenda Dzobo, the daughter of renowned music producer and owner of Artisan Records and one-time Nama Award nominee, Allen Dzobo. The youthful singer has arrived on the music scene with her debut offering titled “Vanana Vashe” that carries six scintillating tracks.

Interestingly, her father’s studio, where she was recorded, is the same stable that pushed music icon Reverend Toggy Chivaviro of the “Ebenezer” fame to dizzy heights. With the support of her music-loving father, there is no doubt that Nokutenda is poised to make a huge impact on the local music landscape especially if one considers the fact that the education ministry is now promoting children to embrace extra-curriculum activities in line with the new syllabus that develops their psychomotor skills. While the father is happy with his daughter’s music talent, he however, hastened to add that the young singing prodigy should enhance her natural gift with education.

“I am thrilled by Nokutenda’s natural ability in music. While we are doing everything we can to promote her talent, we are however, not straining her academic side. Education allows artistes to interpret certain things in life like contracts. I am also happy to hear from her school authorities that she is one of the most disciplined pupils and this is what we always want other kids to emulate,” said Dzobo. The singer — who is currently in Grade Six at St Martins’ Covenant school in Harare — said she was happy following the release of her album.

“I want to sing for the rest of my life. I thank my parents for believing in me,” she said. Tracks on the album are “Nations”, “Boka Revanana Vashe,” “I am Delighted,” “You Are My Bread,” “Don’t Kill the World” and “Back To Sender”. Nokutenda is the first born in her family with the second child being Laura aged eight and is in Grade 3.

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