10 Kariba family members share one room after fire razes house Part of the house being rebuilt.

Admore Mbonda in Kariba

A KARIBA family of 10 is sharing a single room following a fire accident that razed down their house.

The 10, among them six children, have been forced to squash in one room after their house situated in Nyamhunga township caught fire that was ignited by one of the minor children.

Property worth thousands of dollars including clothes and foodstuffs went up in smoke, throwing Mrs Patricia Shika (64), her offspring and grandchildren into a quandary.

Part of the donations handed over to the family

Mrs Shika said, “One of my grandkids aged 3 years lit a match stick that set a bedsheet on fire, thereby starting the fire that engulfed the entire house. After images of the devastating event went viral on social media, well-wishers, including Kariba Central Lions Club, came forward to help in various ways.”

The Lions Club from Kariba and Karoi have committed to ensuring the house is rebuilt, with the super-structure already at window level.

This week they donated bricks towards the construction as well as two bags of maize meal and US$40 for the family’s upkeep. Shika welcomed the development of the house.

“I am grateful for assistance from the Lions Club to help us as a family as we do not have resources on our own,” she said.

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